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Health Services to Host The Walking Dead

STATESBORO, Ga. – Georgia Southern University’s Health Services will host a sleep awareness event, The Walking Dead, on Wednesday, January 28. The Walking Dead event aims to inform students on the importance of good sleep habits and how influential a good nights rest can be to your health and academic performance. The Event is set to take place from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. in the Russell Union.

College students are said to be among the most sleep-deprived people in the country. This may be due to pulling all-nighters or simply having irregular sleeping habits due to an abundance of activities.

Lack of sleep is known to cause many issues, including both mental and physical health. Being deprived of sleep can impact the ability to fight off infections and illnesses, and is also linked to obesity.

Not only is getting the proper amount of sleep crucial for our health, but it helps with thinking more clearly and creatively. Being well rested is also known to create a more positive attitude in a person, which results in a better performance overall.

It is found that by getting the proper amount of sleep, students become more alert and focused, tend to be in better moods, and have much more energy and motivation.

Tips to achieving a good night’s rest include:
• Avoid caffeine at night, and limit caffeine intake during the day.
• Create a sleep schedule and try to stick to it.
• Avoid using any technology while getting ready for bed.
• Exercise and stay active every day.

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