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Georgia Southern University Hosts First Transit Training

Ensuring students have a safe commute to class is a shared priority for both Georgia Southern University and First Transit Incorporated. Having certified, knowledgeable, trained employees is crucial to maintaining this level of safety, and First Transit offered the region the necessary means to do just that.

This June Georgia Southern University welcomed First Transit to campus to host the Instructor Certification Process (ICP). This week-long training session provided First Transit employees from the southeast region colleges and universities with the opportunity to be certified both in the classroom and Behind the Wheel (BTW).

University transit trainers traveled from North Carolina State University, Columbus County Transit, Auburn University, Pensacola Para, Emory University Shuttle, University of Alabama, Escambia County Area Transit, Broward County, Kennesaw State University and Bay County Transit to participate in the training. These employees learned valuable skills such as the “10 Fundamental Safety Practices” and BTW techniques to take home and share with their campus transit employees.

The ICP is extensive and thorough. Instructors learned techniques for facilitating New Operator Training (NOT) and for teaching and presenting on new training information to other First Transit employees. Trainers learned the “10 Fundamental Safety Practices,” facts that all operators must commit to memory before entering a revenue service. These practices make up the foundation of defensive driving and help operators maintain a safe environment for everyone.

For the BTW portion, trainers were required to demonstrate vehicle control through a set of drills designed to train the employee on how to manage vehicle clearance and space cushion. In addition, trainers studied bus operation skills, over-the-road instruction and documentation of training. Upon completing the training, employees received a certificate for skills in either or both classroom and BTW. Trainers truly saw the importance of the First Transit philosophy “If You Can’t Do It Safe- Don’t Do It,” after this process.

“Georgia Southern showed their southern hospitality when they opened up their campus [for training],” said Shirley Geter, First Transit General Manager. “For everything from the classroom space, the Dining Commons, the Print Shop and the catering of the sweet treats, First Transit’s locations from all over the southeast region and the entire First Transit family thanks you.”

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