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The Eyes Have It: IRIS Technology Expands on Campus

STATESBORO, Ga. – The state-of-the-art IRIS technology that has made the Georgia Southern Dining Commons so unique and innovative has now expanded to the Recreation Activity Center (RAC).

In partnership with the Eagle Card Program, the RAC will now offer students the option of iris photo recognition for a quick, hygienic, hands-free entry method into the facility. This technology will be the third in a series of entry-methods that are part of RecTrac, the RAC entry system. Students may also present their Eagle Card at the front desk or use the fingerprint scanning technology to enter the facility.

Students may enroll for the IRIS Camera System program at the RAC or at the Eagle Card Center. Over 15,000 students are already enrolled in the IRIS program and may use the system at the RAC, Dining Commons and Lakeside Dining Commons. Students may be denied entry if RAC fees are not paid in full.

“The RAC’s incorporation of this technology is a perfect example of how using this system across campus can provide secure, accurate and seamless access for our entire Georgia Southern community,” said Richard Wynn, Director of the Eagle Card Program. “The 2 million entries in our Dining facilities over the past 2 years are proof that the expansion of the Iris entry will be successful in other parts of campus.”

The IRIS Camera System uses a biometric device that digitizes a photograph of the user’s eyes and creates a template. This software then stores the template of the iris pattern (D-TIP). When a user accesses the IRIS Camera System, the D-TIP is compared to the recognition station to allow access. For more information about this technology, visit

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