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Eaglexpress Packages

Eaglexpress Packages are available at the beginning of each semester and may be purchased using financial aid, cash, credit or debit card. Students can use this for food, books, computers, and more. You can sign up for an Eaglexpress Package by going to, and clicking the “Dining Plan and Eaglexpress Packages” link in the Auxiliary Services box.


Students may register for one of the EAGLEXPRESS® Packages by stopping by the Eagle Card Center in the Dining commons, through the  web portal at Dining Plan\Package Manager, or their account.  Dining Dollars are accepted at all dining locations on campus.

Package Includes Cost
EAGLEXPRESS® 350 $350 on your EAGLEXPRESS® + 10% in Dining Dollars* (35 D$) $350.00
EAGLEXPRESS® 700 $700 on your EAGLEXPRESS® + 10% in Dining Dollars* (70 D$) $700.00

*Dining Dollars (D$) expire at the end of the semester.

The rates quoted above are for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.  EAGLEXPRESS® Packages are NOT available for purchase through eAccounts.

Last updated: 12/8/2017