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Your EagleCard

Your Eagle Card


The Eagle Card is the official University ID card and is required for all students. It is part of the One Card system implemented at main campus of Georgia Southern University. Some of the features of the Eagle Card are EAGLEXPRESS®, access to Dining Plans, entry into the Recreation Activities Center (RAC), library checkout, residence hall access and more. Your first Eagle card is free and to obtain your card you must visit the Eagle Card Office located in the Dining Commons building. You will need to verify your identity to obtain your card by meeting the following requirements:

  • Admitted to Georgia Southern University.
  • Produce a government-issued photo ID (Current driver’s license, passport, state ID card or military ID are some examples).

Item Download
Eagle Card Agreement form CLICK HERE
Purchase a Dining Plan
  1. Click the Register Now button to be taken to the Dining Plan\Eaglexpress Package options page.
  2. Login with your Georgia Southern University username and password.
  3. Pick that you would like to Add/Change your Dining Plan
  4. Verify the information on the form, if there is any incorrect information, please contact the EagleCard Center (912-478-5311).
  5. Select what you would like to do, Cancel your plan, or change your plan\package to a different one
  6. You will receive an email at the email listed on the form. If you do not see an email listed, please contact the EagleCard Center (912-478-5311) to complete the form

Register Now


Adding money to your EAGLEXPRESS Account is as easy as logging into your E-Account. Use the button below to login and make changes to your EAGLEXPRESS account.

Last updated: 8/21/2017