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Iris Cameras

At the new Residential Dining facilities (Dining Commons and Lakeside DC), Eagle Unlimited Blue and Eagle Unlimited Gold Dining Plan users will be able to enter each facility with use of our new IRIS Camera System. For ease of service, we have attached a camera to each turnstile for quick and easy self-service entry into the dining area.  The IRIS Camera System will provide Dining Plan users with a hygienic and hands-free entry method for dining. Eagle Unlimited Dining Plan users will not need their Eagle Card for entrance into these facilities. However, you will need your Eagle Card if you are using one of your Guest Passes, Dining dollars or EAGLEXPRESS. One of the cashiers will be happy to assist you. Here’s some more information about the IRIS Camera System:

The IRIS Camera System uses a biometric device that digitizes a photograph of your eyes at an access point in order to gain entrance into a facility or area of a building.  There are two parts of the biometric process – enrollment and recognition.   Enrollment is completed at the Eagle Card Center where an Eagle Card Center Representative will make a digital photographed iris pattern (or D-PIP) of your eyes using the IRIS Camera System. Then the IRIS Camera System photo recognition software stores your D-PIP on our server. When a user uses a camera at any Dining Commons or other location, the IRIS Camera System compares the D-PIP at a recognition station to all others on our server for verification.

Please Note: Your digital photographed iris pattern (or D-PIP) cannot be reverse engineered back to the original photo of your eyes.  This biometric data is only for use of Georgia Southern University. If you have some kind of visual impairment, colored contacts, or ocular prosthesis (“glass eye”), please notify an Eagle Card Center Representative during enrollment.



Last updated: 1/23/2014