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Contact Lenses

Here at Eagle Eye Care, we are happy to fill your prescription for contact lenses. We can get any type of contact lens on the market, and orders are received in just a few business days. Your prescription (RX) must be valid in order for us to fill it.  Rebates available and competitive pricing compared to online retailers.

Visual Perceptions offers a wide range of contact lens services. Our fittings range from helping children with their first contact lenses to providing specialty contacts such as a bifocals to custom lenses for Keratoconus. We start with a comprehensive corneal evaluation that includes a comprehensive corneal evaluation and computerized topography similar to that used in LASIK to map the surface of the cornea. Dr. Bethel then determines the best contact lens material and design to assure success. For more information on specific types of contact lenses see our Vision Library.


Last updated: 4/11/2017