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Sexual Assault Assistance

Sexual Assault/Rape
If you are a victim of sexual assault / rape please call 1-866-489-2225 to speak with a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. More information about SRSAC can be found at

If a student calls or presents to Health Services reporting that they are a victim of sexual assault, Health Services staff will refer the student to the Statesboro Regional Sexual Assault Center (SRSAC) at The Teal House in Statesboro for evaluation and care by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE).  If needed, Health Services staff will help the student coordinate that evaluation by providing directions to the Teal House and providing the SRSAC contact information.  In addition, if needed, Health Services will provide transportation to the Teal House.  SRSAC and the Teal House are an outstanding community resource that are more than adequately able to meet the initial needs of the sexual assault victim (providing the forensic examination, providing counseling and support).

In addition, victims who require follow up examinations or testing related to sexual assault may have that follow up exam and testing done at Health Services, even if their initial forensic exam was performed by the SANE at the Teal House or elsewhere. Follow-up examination and care that Health Services can provide after the initial forensic exam has been performed at SRSAC following sexual assault may include (if indicated), but is not limited to: follow-up of labs/tests results obtained during the initial forensic exam done by the SRSAC SANE, if necessary; management of medication side effects, if any; external genital exam; vaginal speculum exam; breast exam if any breast trauma; obtainment of samples for retesting of HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, or other sexually transmitted illness testing; emergency contraception follow up care; addressing any other physical or emotional complaints or concerns the patient may have.

Crisis Resource Numbers
Sexual Assault/Rape – Rape Abuse Incest National Network – 800-656-4673
Statesboro Regional Assault Center (SRSAC) – 1-866-489-2225


For information about support and services for victims of sexual assault who are traveling abroad, please visit SASHAA – Sexual Assault Support & Help for Americans Abroad

Last updated: 11/6/2017