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Housing Prepayment

The University Housing prepayment is an early payment of the fall semester fees. This $250.00 prepayment will be deducted from the total fall semester fees that are due on August 15th. This payment is not a deposit and will be applied to your student account on July 1. If you decide to cancel your housing at Georgia Southern University the prepayment may be refundable in part depending on when you cancel your housing.

If you cancel your housing ( because you will not be enrolled and do so before May 1st, you can get the entire $250 prepayment refunded.  After May 1, a portion of the prepayment is kept as a cancellation fee (it increases throughout the summer Рdates are in the contract).

New Freshmen

New Freshmen students can check their admissions status and must view University Housing prepayment information in the Admissions Status Check page:

Housing Prepayment Instructions

Returning Students/Transfer Students

Returning Students and Transfer Students are not required to pay the University Housing prepayment.  The full semester housing fees will be due by the first day of classes, August 15th.

Last updated: 2/24/2016