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Life on Campus

Why Live On Campus?

First Year students at Georgia Southern are required to live in on-campus housing unless they qualify for an exemption. To get more information, visit the First Year Live-On Policy. We have listed some of the benefits to living on campus that our students have shared with us. Please use the links to the right to view more information about various aspects involved with living on campus.

You’ll make friends — and memories. Living in University Housing makes it easy for you to meet new people from many places that you may have never even heard of. You will see them every day, discover what each of you have in common, as well as what makes each of you unique. You will make memories that you will look back on for many years to come.

You’ll likely make BETTER GRADES. Why? At Georgia Southern, many halls are reserved for first year students so you can easily find support in your studies through in-hall tutors, study rooms, and the ability to find others taking the same classes to study and work on classes with. Many of our services and programs in the residence halls are designed to target your interests and your academic development. Professors are likely to visit the halls and present programs in which you have expressed interest. Some halls have computer labs and offer tutoring while others offer more intensive study environments by offering 24-hour quiet hours.  See our Academic Success in the Residence Halls section for more details!

You’ll probably pay less. Living on campus is typically less expensive than living off campus. You do not have to worry about monthly budgeting to pay for rent, telephone, or utility bills. One payment at the beginning of the semester pays for everything. This will be very helpful to you once you get involved in campus activities and  in your academics – bills will be one less thing you have to worry about.

You’ll take the lead. By living on campus, you will always be informed about what is happening on campus and about various opportunities for you to develop your leadership, communication, and decision-making skills. Being a leader on campus will prepare you for success in your future career as well as motivate you to be an involved citizen in your community. Leadership roles are available for freshman as well as upperclassmen. You can be involved in hall governance, community service, hall employment, and much more! See our involvement section for more details!

You’ll love the location. When you live on campus, you live at the center of all that Georgia Southern offers. Your classes, recreational facilities, cultural and sporting events will all be within walking or biking distance.

You’ll feel safer. Hall entrances are locked 24 hours a day; and University Police patrol the campus 24 hours a day and offer students free escort officers for walking across campus after dark.

You’ll get more out of your college experience! National research reports find that students who live on campus make higher grades than peers who live off campus, are more likely to stay in college and graduate, are more likely to join extracurricular activities, and are more satisfied with their overall college experience.

Last updated: 1/13/2017