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Eagle Villages Amenities

Residence Hall Style: Super Suite
Bed Room Style: Private (There are 8** 2-Bedroom units have shared bedrooms)
Bed Room Size*: 11′ x 9′
Bed Size: Twin XL (80″ with 80″ mattress)
Bunkable Beds: Adjustable Junior Loft
Closet Size*: ~6 SF
Closet Curtain Size: N/A
Storage Above Closet*: 15″ (l) x 24″ (w) x 24″ (d)
Internet Type: Wireless and Ethernet
Telephone Service***: No phone service is provided by University Housing in these units. A phone line in either the bedrooms or living room may be turned on by the residents at their own cost with the local phone company.
Living Room Size*: 2 Bedroom – 23′ x 10′
2 Bedroom (ADA) -15′ x 23′
4 Bedroom – 26′ x 10′
3 Bedroom – 19′ x 11′
Top of Desk:
Window Size:
Panic Button: Yes, one per suite
Clubhouse: Yes
Computer Lab: Yes
Game Room: No
Reserved Classes:
Contract Term: 9 Months
Number of Drawers: 1 set of 3 drawers

*All dimensions are approximate size, there are some variations in dimensions for some rooms.

**Eight of the 2 Bedroom units have shared bedrooms

Last updated: 2/3/2016