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Who can live in the Honors Program LLC?

Honors LLC LogoAll incoming first-year Honors Program students are required to live in the LLC where it is housed in Centennial Place (Building 2).   Students must be officially accepted into the Honors Program before they are eligible to select their housing in the LLC.  Upper class students are given the option to live in the LLC but are not required to do so. First-year students who have been granted an exemption from the first-year live-on requirement are not required to live in Centennial Place with the LLC but are still given access to attend events within the residence hall.

What are the benefits of being a part of this community?

By living in the Honors Program LLC, you will be provided opportunities planned specifically for Honors students. These include but are not limited to:

  • Fall orientation that introduces you to the LLC faculty, students, and staff and prepares you for the level of reflection and analysis that is expected of you in the Honors Program. – REQUIRED
  • Taking the Honors-designated sections of FYE 1220 (fall) and FYE 1410 (spring) that are only for LLC students. – REQUIRED
  • Faculty-led chats, book discussions, and movie screenings in the residence hall.
  • Tutoring located in the part of Centennial Place where the LLC is housed.
  • Living in a residential area reserved for Honors Program students. – REQUIRED
  • Social events planned by Community Leaders based on your interests.
  • Moving in one day earlier than the rest of the first-year students. – REQUIRED
Where is the Honors LLC located?Honors - 2 Person Photo

This LLC is located in Centennial Place residence hall and is comprised of 2 and 4 bedroom suites where each person has their own bedroom. This hall also has suites where 2 people share 1 bedroom. All suites include a kitchenette and bathroom(s). Centennial Place is conveniently located in the heart of campus near academic buildings and the Russell Student Union, Dining Commons, and the University Store.

How do I apply to be a part of this LLC?

First-year students must first apply and be accepted into the Honors Program before they are automatically placed in the Honors LLC. The link to apply for the Honors Program is found at the end of your online application in the My Scholarships portal. More information can be found on the Honors Program website or by calling the Honors Program office at (912) 478-7926.

  • Honors Early Application Deadline: November 1st
  • Honors Final Application Deadline: February 1st

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Last updated: 10/30/2015