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Housing Rates

NOTE: Rates are per person/ per semester. *Single Occupancy Rate

All Rates are Pending until approved by the Board of Regents

Students registering for classes each academic term during the early registration period are required to pay all tuition and fees by the first day of University classes. Students registering or changing registration during the Drop/Add period are required to pay all fees by the 10th calendar day following the Drop/Add period.

Students receiving financial aid or scholarship awards paid directly to their student account are required to verify the availability of those anticipated funds no later than the published fee payment deadline. Students can verify their account status by accessing their invoice on WINGS: Student Services and Financial Aid – Registration Invoice and Web Payment. The Registration Invoice will indicate if the student’s account has a balance due or if the student is expected to receive a refund. If the student invoice shows a balance due after financial aid has been provided, then the student is required to pay the balance due by the published fee payment deadline.

Students are required to respond to email or paper correspondence from the Georgia Southern University Office of Student Accounts, Financial Aid Office and/or Registrar’s Office regarding outstanding requirements for processing financial aid packages for payment on their account.

A student’s class registration is canceled for failure to pay in full his/her account and/or to resolve outstanding financial aid payment processing requirements.

Each semester, fee payment dates are posted on the Office of Student Accounts website

Please make sure that you review these rates prior to signing your housing contract.  Once signed you will be held to the cancellation terms in the contract.  Room changes are available.  Please contact our office at (912) 478-5406 to inquire about your room change options.

In addition to the rates listed on the hall pages, students will also pay a $20 activity fee.

Statesboro Campus


2017-2018 Centennial Place
 Style Projected Cost
2 BR Apartment $3895
4 BR Apartment $3525
4 BR Suite $3210
2 BR Suite $3160
1 BR Shared Suite $2855
2017-2018 Eagle Village
 Style Projected Cost
2 BR/1 BA Suite  $3400
3 BR/1 BA Suite  $3285
4 BR/2 BA Suite  $3045
2 BR/4 People Suite  $2855
2017-2018 Freedom’s Landing
 Style Projected Cost
2 BR/2 BA Apartment $3715
3 BR/3 BA Apartment $3555
4 BR/4 BA Apartment $3460
2017-2018 Kennedy Hall
 Style Projected Cost
1 BR/1 BA Apartment $2685
2 BR/2 BA Apartment  $2560
3 BR/2 Bath Apartment (side with 2 bedrooms)  $2470
2 BR/5 Student Apartment (3 person room)  $2470
Connected Suite  $2330
Unconnected Suite  $2505
2017-2018 Southern Courtyard
 Style Projected Cost
2 BR/1 BA Apartment $3430
4 BR/2 BA Apartment  $3225
2017-2018 Southern Pines
 Style Projected Cost
2 BR/1 BA Suite $3100
4 BR/2 BA Suite  $2865
2017-2018 University Villas
 Style Projected Cost
2 BR/1 BA Apartment $3400
2 BR/2 BA Apartment  $3515
2 BR/2 BA Apartment for 3 People  $2970
4 BR/2 BA Apartment  $3225
2017-2018 Watson Pods
 Style Projected Cost
Double Room $2245
Double Room as Private $2745
Large Single  $2560
Small Single  $2120


Armstrong Campus


2017-2018 Windward Commons
 Style Projected Cost
Single $3641
Private $3433
Semiprivate $3329
2017-2018 Compass Point
 Style Projected Cost
2 Bed/1.5 Bath $3693
4 Bed/2 Bath $3340
2017-2018 University Crossings
 Style Projected Cost
2 Bed/2 Bath $3927
2 Bed/1 Bath (LG) $3693
2 Bed/1 Bath (SM) $3503
2017-2018 University Terrace
 Style Projected Cost
4 Bed/4 Bath $3550
2 Bed/1 Bath $3386


Last updated: 12/20/2017