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Our Team

Our marketing team is comprised of a group of diverse individuals from various marketing, public relations, and design backgrounds, working together to celebrate Auxiliary Services accomplishments and communicate the many great aspects of what we do to our Georgia Southern community to students, faculty/staff, and visitors of campus.

Michael Murphy

Director of Auxiliary Marketing
2006, 2017 (M. Ed.) Georgia Southern Graduate
(912) 478-2485


Aubrey T. Hall

Marketing Manager
2016 Georgia Southern Graduate
(912) 478-1195

Sara S. Wright

Marketing Manager
2010 University of Georgia Graduate
(912) 478-5662

Student Marketing Assistants
Sean McCormick
Public Relations
Model Coordinator
Social Media
Emily Mcleod
Public Relations
Macie Giordano
Senior Creative Specialist
Graphic Design
Brandon Castro
Graphic Design
Michelle Pescina
Video Production & Editing
Tiffani Hull
Public Relations
Social Media
Sydney Pobee

Erik Mearidy
Video Production
Logan Beever
Video Production & Editing
McKenna Myers
Marin Coleman
Graphic Design
Hope Smith
Yvette Gallardo
Graphic Design

Last updated: 4/16/2018