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Lot/Road Closure

On special occasions (i.e., sporting events, concerts, commencement, etc.), provisional parking and traffic limitations may be imposed by Public Safety (including other law enforcement officers called in to assist Public Safety) or Parking & Transportation as required by conditions that prevail. When an event prompts the closure of or a shortage within a lot, permit holders must seek alternate parking while adhering to standard parking policies.

The schedule below will be maintained by Parking & Transportation and updated when events are communicated to Parking & Transportation and deemed necessary for the closure of parking lots and/or roadways to accommodate these events, including those affecting Lot 30 permit holders.

Events not communicated to Parking & Transportation may result in unscheduled patrons parking in campus lots and disruption to the permit holders of those lots.

Lot Construction Nearby Russell Union, Math/Physics

Beginning May 8 2017, lot improvements will begin in the faculty & staff and visitor parking areas nearby Russell Union and Math/Physics and remained closed until August 2017, weather permitting no delays.
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Faculty and Staff
During this closure, the faculty & staff area nearby the Dining Commons along the south end of Lot 21 will be expanded to accommodate users. Please note that the primary assignment for this area is Lot 21 for commuter students, so you must park only within the signed Faculty & Staff section. More alternate locations for faculty & staff can be found at

Lot 21 Commuters and S-3 Carpool Groups
The temporary expansion of the Faculty & Staff section inside Lot 21 should not have a negative impact on our commuters. Please be mindful when parking to ensure you are not parked within a Faculty & Staff area as marked by signage.

University Visitors
30-Minute time zones are available for your quick errands on campus. If you need to park on campus for longer than 30 minutes, please stop by the Parking and Transportation building to obtain a visitor’s permit.

All Other Users
Please contact Parking and Transportation if you have any parking needs not addressed above.

Please refer to parking instructions provided with scheduled events.

Last updated: 5/4/2017