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EagleXpress is the premier declining balance system for Georgia Southern University and is available for use by students, faculty and staff. Users can deposit any amount into an EagleXpress account to use on or off campus at various dining, retail and other establishments. Simply load money, and swipe your Eagle Card to make purchases.

EagleXpress is the most convenient way to purchase textbooks, class supplies, eyeglasses and contacts, parking permits, food and other necessities on and off the Georgia Southern campuses. Users can make deposits to their EagleXpress accounts at any time online or on any mobile device.

With EagleXpress, users will never overdraw, and any amount deposited into the account never expires. EagleXpress is accepted at more than 70 vendors around the Statesboro and Savannah areas. Many of these establishments offer exclusive discounts to EagleXpress users.

EagleXpress may not be used to purchase gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, piercings, tattoos or tanning.

To activate your EagleXpress account, deposit money at the Card
Services office or EagleXpress kiosk in the Dining Commons on the Statesboro Campus, Lane library and Learning Commons on the Armstrong Campus, online on eAccounts or through a mobile device. Parents can make deposits into students’ EagleXpress from any location, 24/7 through the eAccounts web portal.

EagleXpress packages are available for purchase at the start of each semester and may be purchased using cash, credit or debit cards and financial aid (if applicable). To sign up for a package, log into the portal, and click the “Dining Plan and EagleXpress Packages” link in the Auxiliary Services box.

Last updated: 1/12/2021