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Eagle Card Services Policies
Your Eagle Card is the official identification card for Georgia Southern University and should be carried with you at all times.  

  • This card is the property of the issuer (Georgia Southern University), and you (the recipient) must return it to the Eagle Card Services Office upon leaving the university or if requested.
  • To obtain your Eagle Card you must show a government-issued photo ID such as Driver’s license, State ID card or Passport.
  • There is no fee for your initial Eagle Card; however, replacement cards due to loss or damage and fees assessed are the sole responsibility of the Eagle Card holder.
  • Card data, including but not limited to your Eagle ID number and your photo, may be used for Georgia Southern University, Eagle Card Services Office, and/or Eagle Dining Services purposes.
  • This card is valid only while you are a registered student, active Georgia Southern University employee, or until the card expires or is revoked.
  • This card is non-transferable.
  • Altering or intentionally damaging your Eagle Card, using another person’s Eagle Card, or allowing your Eagle Card to be used by another person may result in disciplinary action and/or confiscation of your Eagle Card.
  • You are responsible for notifying the Eagle Card Services Office immediately if your card is lost or stolen.  You can also log in to your account on and report your card as lost or stolen (If found, your Eagle Card can also be reactivated).
  • You are responsible for notifying the Eagle Card Services Office to deactivate the functionality of (1) your Eagle Card, (2) any Dining Plan associated with your Eagle Card, and/or (3) any balance you may carry on your Eaglexpress account.
  • Additional information on your Eagle Card can be found at


Eaglexpress is a declining balance or pre-paid funds program that can be accessed through your Eagle Card for your convenience.  This account is established at the same time your Eagle Card is created with a zero ($0) balance and cannot be used unless funded solely at the discretion of the card holder.  Eaglexpress is accepted both on and off campus. You can go to the Eagle Card website (http://GeorgiaSouthern/eaglecard) for a detailed list of locations that accept Eaglexpress both on and off campus.    Online deposits and account activity are also available through our website.

Eagle Dining Services Dining Plan Policy Statement

All Eagle Dining Plans can be accessed with your Eagle Card and/or use of our IRIS Camera stations. No other method of access is currently accepted by Eagle Dining Services (EDS) and the Eagle Card Services.   IRIS cameras are for self-service entry into the Dining Commons and Lakeside DC, and each Eagle Dining Plan user must enroll into the IRIS system.   An Eagle Card user may need to remit their card to a cashier, in order to verify user identification before accessing and/or usage of an Eagle Dining Plan, Guest passes, Dining Dollars or Eaglexpress.   Any cards confiscated due to improper usage will be destroyed and students will be required to purchase new cards for further use.   Eagle Dining Plan users must follow the rules and policies of the EDS Dining Plan Policy Statement and documentation of this policy is provided by EDS on their website (  

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars (D$) may only be used at EDS dining locations on Georgia Southern University’s campus. Dining Plan or EagleXpress users must inform any casheir at an on-campus dining location whether to use Dining Dollars or EagleXpress. Dining Dollars expire at the end of each semester and/or the term that the Eagle Dining Plan or Eaglexpress Package was assigned to an account.

You may download a copy of our agreement form by clicking HERE.

Last updated: 3/13/2022