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Blog: Student Perspective on Having a Dining Plan

Recently, we sat down with a current Georgia Southern student who shared her top five reasons for having a dining plan.

5 Reasons YOU Need a Dining Plan by Ansley Thompson

  1. Convenience

Dining plans provide students with quick access to a variety of meal options. By simply swiping their Eagle Card, students are served tasty all-you-care-to-eat meals. Many students love our dining plans because of how convenient they are. Georgia Southern has an array of dining options all over campus that students can choose from. Our dining locations are great for meals during those hectic days of class. 

  1. Saves $$$

Saving money is one of the biggest benefits of having a dining plan. By having a dining plan, students don’t have to worry about budgeting to buy groceries and other cooking supplies. Dining plans also save students from constantly eating out which can be very costly over time. Some of our dining plans include Dining Dollars, points you can use in retail dining locations just like cash. Dining Dollars can be used at retail dining locations such as Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, GUS Mart, and more. These are great on-the-go options for students when they’re running late to class, need to grab something quickly, or when they are craving a fast food option. 

  1. Less stress

College is often a very busy time for students. They have to learn how to balance a social life, a job, clubs, and much more all while receiving an education. A dining plan takes away the stress and responsibilities that come with preparing meals and cleaning up. Most students have roommates while in college so it is important that they clean up after themselves. Sometimes time does not allow for preparation and proper cleanup, which can lead to added stress that students don’t need. For this reason, having a dining plan is essential for students with busy schedules. 

  1. Access to a variety of healthy options

It is no secret that it may be a challenge for students to get the proper nutrition and exercise that they need while attending college. With their hectic schedules, these two things are often set aside or forgotten about. Many students find it hard to eat healthy because of barriers such as the convenience of fast food, the high price of healthy food, and limited time to eat. A dining plan ensures that students have easy access to all the nutrients they need. Dining Commons, Lakeside, and The Galley have a variety of nutritious options for students to choose from. From Mexican food to savory homestyle meals, the dining halls have got students covered! 

  1. Fellowship 

As a college student, I have met some of my best friends while eating at Dining Commons and Lakeside on the Statesboro Campus. These are two great places to meet new people and build community at Georgia Southern. Our dining halls are designed with big tables that are ideal for fellowship with friends. Guest passes are also included in the Blue and Gold dining plans. These passes allow students to bring friends, family, or whomever they choose to the dining hall with them. This is awesome for students when they have friends or family visiting. Having a dining plan provides them and their guests with a variety of options!


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