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Ask Brittany

A nutritional diet is key to maintaining wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Everyone has heard of the “freshman 15”, but how can you avoid it as a new or current student?

Our nutritional coordinator, Brittany Parham, is available to help students develop a plan to maintain healthy eating habits while dining with us at Georgia Southern. She also assists in diet planning for those with food allergens. Brittany is a great resource whether you are looking for general information on the dining menus or need a full-fledged nutritional plan. You can contact her at (912) 478-1208, and follow her on Twitter at @EDSNutritionist.

Brittany can also answer your questions via email, by filling out the questionnaire below:



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If you have a medically diagnosed condition that would inhibit your dining options and choices, please schedule a meeting with Brittany as soon as possible by calling (912) 478-1208.

Last updated: 8/1/2016