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Dining Plans and Packages

Eagle Dining Services offers a variety of options for students, faculty, and staff to enjoy a great dining experience on Georgia Southern University’s campuses.

Dining Plans

Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 Plan Information

Access to Residential DiningAll-accessAll-access5 meals per week3 meals per week
Dining Dollars per Semester300 D$100 D$
Guest Passes9/semester7/semester
To-Go Passes9/week7/week
Prices are per semester. *Minimum for freshmen students. XSubject to change.

Pricing for 2021-2022 Dining Plans are subject to change. To-Go Swipes are only available on All-Access Dining Plans.

Dining Dollars (D$) they can use at retail dining locations such as Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, GUS Mart, Southern Cafe and more. Swipes do not roll over from week to week and are reloaded on Mondays for the new week period.

Note: Dining plan users may change or drop his/her plan by 5 p.m. the first day of class if they have not used their plan. After the first day of class, until 5 p.m. on the 9th day of class, there will be a $50.00 fee to drop or change a plan if it has not been used. If any portion of a Dining Plan has been used, there will be a $50.00 fee, plus a pro-ration for the week. No changes or drops will be made after the 9th day of class per semester (August 23, 2021).

Budget Bucks

Georgia Southern students can easily manage their dining spending through flexible Budget Bucks plans. Each of plan receives a predetermined amount of Budget Bucks per week for sixteen (16) weeks throughout the semester. Every Monday, accounts are reloaded with the selected amount, good at any Eagle Dining Services location.

 Budget Bucks 480Budget Bucks 960
Access to Residential Dining$8.75 per entry$8.75 per entry
Reload Amount$30 per week/16 weeks$60 per week/16 weeks

If Budget Bucks have not been used by the end of the week, the remaining balance will be credited to the following week’s balance. At the end of each semester, remaining balances are automatically credited to the following semester.

Summer Dining Plans for Terms A, B and EIP

Access to Residential Dining5 meals per week3 meals per week
Dining Dollars per Semester
Prices are per semester and are subject to change. Plans are available for Term A and Term B and start on those respective dates.

EagleXpress Packages

EagleXpress Packages allow students to make dollar-for-dollar purchases similar to a declining debit card at EDS dining locations and 70+ vendors in the Statesboro area. For more information, visit the EagleXpress webpage.

Last updated: 8/5/2021