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Dining Plan Policies

The purpose of the Dining Plan Policy Statement is to provide documentation for Eagle Dining Plan users concerning a variety of issues associated with the Eagle Dining Plan that include but not limited to: purchasing, usage, cancellation, exemption, refunds, etc. Users of the Dining Plan or Eagle Dining Plan are required to follow the terms set forth in this policy. This policy is subject to change with up to thirty (30) days’ notice.

General Policies

Our Mission: Eagle Dining Services is committed to providing those we serve with excellent food and exceptional customer service while providing a sense of community for all.

Eagle Card Policies: All Dining Plan and Eagle Dining Plan users are bound by the terms and conditions of the Eagle Card Agreement of the Eagle Card Program. EagleXpress, Dining Dollars, and Dining Plans can only be redeemed by the person to whom the card was originally issued and who is identified as the Card Holder on the Eagle Card. Use of an Eagle Card by any individual other than the Card Holder without prior authorization subjects the Eagle Card Holder to have his/her card confiscated and destroyed. It will be the Dining Plan holder’s responsibility to obtain a new card.

Eligibility and Acceptance: Dining Plans and Eagle Dining Plans are available for purchase by students, faculty and staff of Georgia Southern University and students of East Georgia College Statesboro campus. The Dining Plan user accepts the terms and conditions of this Dining Plan Policy Statement upon initial payment, submission of Dining Plan preference forms or processing charges. Any form of acceptance binds the user to the entire Policy Statement. First year students living in University Housing during their first two semesters at Georgia Southern University are required to have an Eagle Dining Plan, with the minimum being the Eagle Blue Dining Plan.

Payment: Dining Plans and Eagle Dining Plans are billed by semester through your registration invoice on your WINGS account. Payment is due in accordance with the deadlines by Eagle Dining Services in coordination with the Eagle Card Services, Registrar, Bursar’s Office, and Financial Aid. Failure to make payment when due may result in penalties based on usage and/or termination of your Dining Plan.

Dining Dollars: The Dining Dollars (D$) system is a dollar-for-dollar equivalency funds program built into the Eagle Dining Plan and EagleXpress packages. They can be used only at Eagle Dining Services dining locations on Georgia Southern University’s Statesboro and Armstrong campuses. Dining Dollars will automatically be deducted before EagleXpress funds at any time of purchase in an Eagle Dining Services dining location. Dining Dollars expire at the end of each semester when an Eagle Dining Plan or EagleXpress Package is purchased and/or the end of the Eagle Dining Plan or EagleXpress Package term that they were assigned to an account.

Residential Dining Facility Policies: No outside food or drink is permitted into Dining Commons, Lakeside or The Galley.

Termination by Student: Failure to participate in the Dining Plan and Eagle Dining Plan program does not automatically release a student, faculty or staff member from this Dining Plan Policy Statement. Students may only terminate their Dining Plan or Eagle Dining Plan for one of the following reasons:

  1. Withdrawal from Georgia Southern University.
  2. Cancellation or Exemption of the University Housing Agreement that did not resolve from expulsion or suspension from University Housing.
  3. Medical condition with dietary requirements that cannot be met by the services of Eagle Dining Services. Documentation from a medical doctor must be provided. Eagle Dining Services’ Nutritional Coordinator, Director of Culinary Excellence, and/or Executive Director will rule on our ability to meet the prescribed diet and approving a medical exemption.

Any Dining Plan, Eagle Dining Plan, or EagleXpress package terminated in this manner may still be billed to the user at a pro-rated charge based on usage.

Termination by Eagle Dining Services: Upon reasonable notice and for good cause, Eagle Dining Services or Georgia Southern University reserves the right to terminate this policy for failure of full payment.

Refunds: Refunds for any Dining Plan or Eagle Dining Plan are based on a pro-rated amount determined by the remaining weeks in the term of purchase and are issued based on the method of previous payment.

Enrollment: The Dining Plan user (or their legal guardian) is responsible for the payment of any Eagle Dining Plan. Eagle Dining Plan changes (decrease or cancellation) will not be accepted after the Dining Adjustment Date. A non-resident freshman, Dining plan user may change or drop his/her plan by 5 pm the first day of class if they have not used their plan. After the first day of class, until 5 pm on the 9th day of class there will be a $50.00 fee to drop or change a plan if it has not been used. If any portion of a Dining Plan has been used, there will be a $50.00 fee, plus a pro-ration for the week. No changes or drops will be made after the 9th day of class per semester:

You will be enrolled in the same Eagle Dining Plan selection in the spring as you are in the fall unless we are notified by the current spring Dining Adjustment

Terms of Usage: Any Eagle Dining Plan is active and valid for usage during the terms of the semester in which it is purchased. For instance, if a user purchases an Eagle Dining Plan during Fall semester, then that Eagle Dining Plan is valid during the first day that students living in University Housing are allowed to move in for that semester to the last day that students are required to move out of University Housing. Visit for current Eagle Dining Plan term dates.

Access: All Eagle Dining Plans can be accessed with your EagleCard and/or use of the IRIS Camera stations located in Dining Commons and Lakeside Dining Commons. No other method of access will be accepted by Eagle Dining Services and Eagle Card Services for the Eagle Dining Plan. An Eagle Card user may need to remit their card to a cashier, in order to verify user identification before accessing and/or usage of an Eagle Dining Plan or EagleXpress. IRIS cameras are for self-service entry into the Dining Commons (Dining Commons and Lakeside) and each Eagle Dining Plan user must enroll in the IRIS camera system.

EagleXpress Packages

Plan Definition: Each EagleXpress Package includes the following: funds directly deposited to your EagleXpress account and Dining Dollars (D$) that can be used at all Eagle Dining Services dining locations.

Dining Dollars: Current Dining Dollars (D$) policies that apply to Eagle Dining Services and Eagle Dining Plans also apply to EagleXpress Packages.

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Last updated: 11/27/2023