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Starship Delivery

Starting Aug. 10, Starship’s robots will deliver food ordered on the Starship app from University dining facilities and places such as Starbucks, Market Street Deli and Sushi with Gusto to patrons around campus. The robots, which are energy efficient, can have their location and delivery time tracked by recipients through the app. They can also maneuver around obstacles such as pedestrians.


What does it deliver?
Essentially Starship can deliver anything that can fit inside its delivery container such as parcels, groceries, food, laundry, medication, flowers, etc. The robot can have separate compartments for hot and cold food. Primarily on the Statesboro Campus, these robots will deliver food from Starbucks, Sushi with Gusto, Union Deli/GUS Mart and more.

Where does it deliver?
The robot is designed to deliver goods on the last mile of the delivery journey – within suburban, residential areas or on university campuses. They currently deliver within a 3-mile radius but can go further.

How does it work?
Once an order is placed and the desired delivery location is selected through the app,  deliveries usually take 30 minutes or less. Delivery locations must be outside as the robots cannot enter buildings. The robots can only be unlocked by the recipient on the Starship app. 

Download the app!

Last updated: 8/5/2020