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Excuse Policy

According to the GSU Faculty and Student Handbook, class attendance policies, including how absences and excuses are handled, are determined by each individual faculty member/instructor. As such, it is not our responsibility at Health Services to “excuse” absences, and we do not distribute “excuses” for absences.  We will give the patient, when appropriate, a form that serves as a verification of their visit. In certain instances related to specific injuries or illnesses, the form will include our recommendations as to whether the patient should or should not restrict their activities.  Please note that this verification of visit form should not be misconstrued as an “excuse.” We leave the decision to “excuse” the absences up to the individual faculty members and instructors. Our role is to try to keep students healthy, and our recommendations are based on that purpose. We respectfully request that students discuss and resolve their health related classroom absences with their faculty member or instructor; or, if those issues cannot be resolved in this manner, one should seek resolution working through the Dean of Students Office.

Last updated: 6/6/2017