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Joining a Telehealth Appointment

Based on medical license requirements, you must physically be in the State of Georgia during the visit. If you are not, the visit cannot occur and you will either need to reschedule or seek care where you are located.

If you have elected to proceed with a telehealth visit, your encounter will be conducted via a remote audio-video connection between your personal device and your medical provider. You will not come to the health center facility for this encounter.

Check In for your Telehealth Appointment

At least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, log in to your Online Student Health Portal and click the “Check In” box next to your appointment date/time.

Complete Any Required Forms

You should then complete and sign any required Forms in Eagle OSH prior to your arrival.  The Telehealth Informed Consent Form must be completed and signed by you in order for the visit to occur.  If it does not pop up automatically for you to complete after clicking “check in,” click on the Forms tab (or click the Menu icon and then click Forms) on your main portal page, and then click on the Consent for Telehealth form to open the form and sign it.

Additionally, if a visit template is presented to you for this visit, you must complete it.  Also, if you have never completed the Patient Agreement Form, or if it has been more than 12 months since you completed it, you will need to complete it.

If you have problems completing or signing the forms, call 912-478-5641 (press 0).

Your Telehealth Appointment Link

At the time of your visit and shortly after you have completed the online check in process and completed the required forms, you will receive an email in your Georgia Southern email inbox with an invitation to join a Google Hangouts Meeting.  Click on that invitation link in that email and follow the directions to join the meeting.  To participate in the video visit, you must either be on a smartphone with a video camera or on a computer, tablet, or other device with internet connectivity and a video camera. If using your phone or tablet, you should go ahead now and download and install the Google Meet app from your app store. 

Video Appointment Requirements

The following are required:

  • You should be in an area with a stable internet connection/WiFi signal.
  • You should be in a private, well-lit space.  
  • You should not be driving or operating machinery.
  • You should not have other individuals present during the telehealth visit unless they are needed to provide assistance. If they are present, then your consent for them to be present is assumed and you should notify your medical provider.
  • As per above, you must be in the State of Georgia.

Last updated: 8/30/2022