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Clinic Services

Primary Care Clinic

When students enter Georgia Southern University, they are automatically assigned to a Medical Team in the General Medical Clinic. Georgia Southern University Health Services has three Medical Teams composed of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses and certified medical assistants. They work as a team enabling each patient to return to the same providers and team for continuity of care. The teams are designated by color and consist of the Medical Team Blue, Medical Team Green, and Medical Team Gold. For more information regarding the Medical Teams click here and select Clinical Providers.

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Women’s Health Clinic

The Women’s Health Clinic is staffed by caring and qualified nurse practitioners and nurses. Patients are seen primarily by appointment and are encouraged to make appointments for annual examinations at least two weeks in advance.

Please note that the Women’s Health Clinic previously located on the second floor of Health Services is now located on the first floor and check in for the Women’s Health Clinic is at the reception windows located in the main lobby.

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GYT Clinic: Get Yourself Tested

This clinic has been set up for students who just want to have lab testing done to check for sexually transmitted infections (HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia). You will be seen by a nurse only for this visit. If you currently have any symptoms that could be related to a sexually transmitted infection or if your partner has tested positive for such an infection, you must schedule an appointment with your general medical team or with the women’s health clinic. We will file these labs to you insurance plan or you may pay self-pay rates ($5- $15 per lab).

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Mental Health

Health Services offers treatment for mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, ADD/ADHD, etc. in our primary care clinic. These visits can be scheduled through our on-line system (Eagle OSH). Psychiatric services are also available to students once a student has been evaluated and referred to our psychiatrist by either a medical provider in our primary care clinic or a Georgia Southern Counseling Center psychologist/licensed counselor.

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Travel Clinic

Georgia Southern University Health Services provides consultation and vaccination recommendations for those students preparing for international travel. These visits need to be scheduled through the Primary Care Clinic.

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Injection Clinic

Health Services will administer allergy injections, immunization injections, and other approved injections (including Xolair) to currently enrolled students.  Georgia Southern faculty and staff may receive allergy injections at Health Services after payment of a semester fee for this particular service.

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LGBTQ Health

Georgia Southern Student Health Services welcomes all students to utilize the many services we offer.  We recognize that LGBTQ students may have specific concerns or issues that they want to be treated in a sensitive, caring, and comfortable environment. We want all students to feel comfortable and not feel that they have to hide their identity to come to a medical appointment.

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Laboratory Services

Health Services provides an on-site medical laboratory to provide timely, accurate laboratory procedures in support of clinical evaluation and diagnosis. The lab is a moderate complexity CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act) approved lab.

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Health Services provides on-site Radiology Services utilizing a state of the art computed radiography system. The imaging services aids in the diagnoses, assessment, and treatment of disease or injury including fracture or foreign body of the skull, spine, chest, abdomen and extremities.

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Physical Therapy

Georgia Southern University Health Services operates a low-cost, on-site physical therapy service which can provide physical therapy to students referred by our providers or outside medical providers.

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Last updated: 4/1/2022