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LGBTQ Health

Georgia Southern Health Services welcomes all students to utilize the many services we offer.  We recognize that LGBTQ students may have specific concerns or issues that they want treated in a sensitive, caring, and comfortable environment. We want all students to feel comfortable and not feel that they have to hide their identity to come to a medical appointment.

All of our providers have experience with LGBTQ students and are open and eager to help with your health care needs. Looking for a particular provider?  Prefer a male or female provider?  Visit our Meet Our Staff page for provider bios.


Be assured—all information about your health and medical record is CONFIDENTIAL. Unless you give us written permission, we cannot share any health information with anyone—not parents, professors, or even friends. Learn more about confidentiality at Georgia Southern Health Services.

Name Preference and Registration 

Georgia Southern Student Health Services recognizes that LGBTQ students may face unique challenges to obtaining medical care. Even going through patient registration at the front desk can cause anxiety, particularly for students whose legal name or assigned gender does not match their internal feelings or outward appearance. Our electronic health record uses the university registrar information with your legal name and gender as it appears on your admission records. However, if you have a preferred name you would like us to use, or if you want to change your preferred gender information to male, female, or transgender, let the receptionist, nurse or provider know that takes care of you. We also have an electronic option available in Eagle OSH to update your demographics, preferred name, gender identity, and pronoun information.

If you have a specific concern about an upcoming appointment, or if you are unsure of which Health Services clinic you should choose for your appointment needs, please use your Online Student Health Portal to send a secure message to our Nurse Manager, Julie Campbell, RN.

General Health

Once registered, often our providers and nurses ask personal questions when assessing a health problem or offering medical or testing services. We recognize that talking frankly and honestly about health issues may be uncomfortable for some people. We encourage you to be as open and honest as possible. It is important to remember that the more information you share with your health care provider and team, the better they can help to meet your needs. Quality health care begins with good communication between patients and health care providers.  Our goal is to help you be as healthy as you can be, recognizing that your health is composed of the physical, mental, spiritual, and social aspects of your life, including your views on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Sexual Health

Student Health Services can help with many issues regarding sexual health.  We offer education, patient consultations, information on safe sex products, testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as well as general medical visits for any kind of health concern. When you schedule an appointment, be prepared to address topics concerning your anatomical gender, sexual history, current sexual behavior and sexual orientation and preferences, methods of contraception and STI risk reduction, and any current symptoms that you may be experiencing. These questions are asked for medical reasons and will ensure the best care possible.

Transgender Care

As a transgender man, it is important that you continue to receive the recommended health maintenance such as cervical cancer screening via pap smears, HPV immunizations, screening for sexually transmitted illnesses, and annual clinical breast screenings. If you prefer to schedule these visits with your medical team in the General Medical Clinic, instead of the Women’s Clinic, please use your Online Student Health Portal to send a secure message to our Nurse Manager, Julie Campbell, RN, to assist with scheduling these types of exams with your assigned medical team in the General Medical Clinic.

As a transgender female, it is important that you continue to receive the recommended health maintenance such as an annual testicular exam, HPV immunizations, sexually transmitted illness screening, and prostate screening. We recommend you use your Online Student Health portal to schedule these types of appointments with your assigned medical team in the General Medical Clinic.

Intersex Care

Routine health maintenance is also important for intersex individuals. For more information routine medical examinations, annual exams health maintenance exams and sexual health for intersex individuals, please use your Online Student Health portal to send a secure message to our Nurse Manager, Julie Campbell, RN.  Mrs. Campbell will then contact you to address your questions.

Hormone Injections 

While our medical providers do not currently initiate and prescribe hormone therapy for gender reassignment, if you are receiving hormone injections prescribed by another doctor, then with proper documentation we can fill your prescription in our pharmacy and perform blood work to help monitor your therapy. Our injection clinic nurse can also administer your shots, potentially saving you time and money by doing it affordably and conveniently.  In order to provide you with this service, we do require an initial consultation visit with one of our medical providers, and we will need orders from your specialist that include the following:

  • Name of person to receive the medication
  • Name of the medication to be administered
  • Dose of the medication to be administered
  • Route that the medication is to be administered (subcutaneously, intramuscularly, etc.)
  • Frequency of the injection
  • Name, address and phone of the prescribing provider
  • Lab test orders
  • Relevant diagnosis code or medical history indicating need for injection and/or lab tests

It is important to understand that many insurance policies do not cover hormone therapy or anything related to gender reassignment surgery or treatment. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control.  If you would like to check on specific pricing at Student Health for medications, lab tests, injections, etc., send us an e-mail at Many services are provided at a reduced cost if your insurance does not cover our services or you are not enrolled in an insurance plan.

Additional Services 

Gender-Neutral Restrooms in the Health Center

Single stall, gender-neutral lockable restrooms are located in the medical clinic on the first floor and in the women’s health clinic on the second floor of the Health Center. Gender-specific multi-user restrooms are centrally located on the ground floor and second floor. If you still need help finding one, ask a Health Services staff member for assistance.

Pharmacy consultation room

If you would like to speak to our pharmacist privately about a medication, product, or question you may have, feel free to ask to use the consult room. Located right next to the pharmacy area, it provides students with a quiet, private room to talk with our pharmacy staff.

Patient education materials

Georgia Southern Student Health Services strives to provide educational material that is inclusive for all students. If you are looking for a handout, pamphlet, or other educational resource and cannot find something that you need, please email Student Wellness & Health Promotion at Student Wellness & Health Promotion is constantly adding and revising educational material and welcomes suggestions from students on issues they want to find out more about. If you read one of the pamphlets and have an idea about how to make it more inclusive to LGBTQ students, please contact Student Wellness & Health Promotion.  Explore educational resources for LGBTQ, Gay & Bisexual men, and Transgender health & wellness at Student Wellness & Health Promotion.

LGBTQ Campus Resources:

Gay Straight Alliance

  • Facebook group: Rainbow Statesboro

GSA official email:

Alphabet Soup (Faculty/Staff organization)

Counseling Center

The Multicultural Student Center

The Equal Opportunity & Title IX Office

  • Located in the Rosenwald Building, Room 1066
  • Phone: 912.478.5136
  • Website:
  • Georgia Southern University’s Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action Policy:


Last updated: 8/19/2021