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Women’s Health Clinic

The Women’s Health Clinic is staffed by caring and qualified nurse practitioners and nurses. Patients are seen primarily by appointment and are encouraged to make appointments for annual examinations at least two weeks in advance.

Procedures Performed by Health Services Providers:
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recently came out with new Pap smear guidelines:
  • Women should have their first screening Pap smear at age 21 unless the women has had a previous abnormal Pap smear.
  • Women in their 20’s should have a Pap smear every three years (assuming prior Pap smears have been normal).
  • Women age 30 and older who have had three consecutive normal Pap smears should have a Pap smear every three years.
  • Women who have had a hysterectomy for non-cancerous reasons do not need a Pap smear unless they have a cervix.
  • These guidelines need to be followed whether you have or have not had the HPV vaccine.
  • Georgia Southern Health Services response to the new recommendations:
  • We still recommend a yearly physical including a breast exam, pelvic exam*, and STI screening if indicated.
  • If you have ever had an abnormal Pap smear, consult with your Health Services physician or nurse practitioner concerning how often you will need a Pap smear.

*The pelvic exam may or may not include a Pap smear based on your history and the ACOG guidelines. Your physician or nurse practitioner will discuss this with you at the time of your appointment.

Information Regarding an Appointment in the Women’s Health Clinic
  1.  A vaginal exam, if indicated, may not be performed if you are on your menstrual cycle. If you are on your menstrual cycle, your appointment may be rescheduled.
  2.  You may be asked to submit a urine specimen at your examination visit for evaluation of specific symptoms.
  3. Drinking water will keep you hydrated. Staying hydrated will make it easier for the lab personnel to access a vein if it is necessary to draw your blood for testing.
  4. Do NOT use any vaginal creams or douche for two (2) days prior to your examination because it will interfere with your test results if a vaginal exam is indicated.
  5. Do NOT have sexual intercourse for two (2) days prior to your examination because it will interfere with your test results if a vaginal exam is indicated.
  6. Write down any questions you may have so you can discuss them with your provider at the time of your examination.
Prescription Refill requests:

In order to serve you more efficiently, if you require a refill on a medication prescribed for you by one of our providers, please contact the pharmacy where you filled the script to initiate the refill request electronically; or, you may send your provider a secure message in Online Student Health to request the refill.  Health Services providers do not accept telephoned refill requests.

Last updated: 4/1/2022