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Joining A Video Telehealth Appointment

Note that based on medical license requirements, you must physically be in the state of Georgia during the visit.  If you are not, the visit cannot occur and you will either need to reschedule or seek care where you are located.

At least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, please log in to your Online Student Health Portal (OSH) to check in for your scheduled telehealth visit.  

Once you are logged into your OSH portal, scroll down to the Upcoming Appointments section.  Here you will see your appointment for the day along with the Check In option.

Click the “Check In” button to check in.  After clicking the button, you will be presented with a message stating that you have some forms to complete.

Click “OK” to proceed with completing the required forms.  You will then see the forms required. They will be in blue text, and you will need to click on each one to complete it.

Note that the picture above is for illustrative purposes only, and your forms may be different from those presented here. Once you click on the form, it will open for you to complete

After completing the form, click “Submit” to submit the form.

If you are presented with any other forms or templates to complete, then you must complete them in order for your visit to occur.  If you have problems completing the forms, call Health Services at 912-478-5641 and press (0) in the phone menu.

After you have completed the forms, you will receive the following message:

Click OK.

You will also need to complete the The Informed Consent for Telehealth Services form. It must be completed and signed by you in order for the telehealth visit to occur. To complete the form, from within your OSH portal click the Forms link:

If you’re viewing the site on a mobile device you will need to click the 3 line menu icon then click Forms.

Then click “Informed Consent for Telehealth” (it will be blue if you have not completed it in the last day) and complete it by entering your name and Eagle ID number at the bottom.  Click “submit” or “OK” after entering.

If the “Patient Agreement Form” is listed there and is blue, click it and complete it, along with any other forms that are blue or marked as needs completing.

After you have completed the mobile self check-in process, at the scheduled time of your telehealth visit you will then receive an email in your Georgia Southern email inbox with an invitation to join a Google Hangouts Meeting.  

Click on the link in that email and follow the directions to join the meeting.  To participate in a video visit, you must either be on a smartphone with a camera or on a computer, tablet, or other device with internet connectivity and a camera. See below for step-by-step instructions on joining the meeting.

If you have any issues with this process, please contact the Health Services front desk at 912-478-5641. They will help reschedule your appointment and work with you to get the IT help you need.

See below for instructions on joining the video session.  Additionally, the following are required:

  • you must be physically located in the state of Georgia
  • you should be in a safe, private, quiet, well-lit space
  • you should not be driving or operating machinery
  • you should not have other individuals present during the telemedicine visit unless they are needed to provide you assistance; if they are present, you should notify your medical provider and your provider is assuming that you are consenting to you sharing your private health information with them

Joining on a PC or MAC:

Once you click the link, you will be taken into the session and will select your audio options. Please note that Google Chrome is the recommended browser for this

Audio options in the meeting:

If users have a webcam and microphone built into their device, these should automatically be selected. However, if there are no audio options on the PC (or they are not working), then Google Meet also allows the option to use a phone:

Selecting “Join and use a phone for audio” allows students to call a number, or for Google Meet to call their phone for them (see next page).

*Note: Hangouts is a long-distance call for most phone providers. Using a landline might incur charges with your provider. A cell phone plan with unlimited minutes or a Georgia Southern office phone is recommended.

Joining on a Phone:

On a mobile device, the Google Meets app will launch (or prompt to install) as soon as you click the “Join Meeting” button in your invitation email. The screenshot below is the app listing in the Google Play appstore.

Upon installing and signing in to the app, you should be taken into your appointment automatically. If not, simply click the join button in your email again.

Your phone will automatically detect and use your microphone and camera. 

Last updated: 8/10/2021