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Student Satisfaction

We strive to meet our student patients expectations and exceed in customer services throughout our entire facility. Our providers work diligently to ensure student health on Georgia Southern’s campus is a high priority and that we’re keeping our campus community safe, secure, and knowledgeable about health issues and their well-being.

Comments and Suggestions

You Asked, We Answered

Georgia Southern Health Services would like to thank our students for submitting the patient satisfaction surveys and/or sharing their comments and suggestions during their visit with us. As a result of receiving this information, we have been able to make substantial improvements listed below in our “you asked we answered” section.

You asked… To provide psychiatry services in the Statesboro clinic.

We answered… Psychiatry services were added to the Statesboro clinic in January 2019

You asked… To provide Nexplanon services, another alternative to birth control.

We answered… In the fall semester of 2018 visits for Nexplanon implants were added as a new service.

You asked… To add health promotion services and programming on the Armstrong campus.

We answered… In the fall of 2018 a graduate assistant position was added to the Armstrong clinic  to provide programming and education.

You asked… To be able to receive care at the the Statesboro clinic or Armstrong campus.

We answered… As of spring semester 2018, all students have access to either campus clinic for care.

You asked… For ability to self-schedule ADHD appointments further in advance in OSH.

We answered… In Spring 2018 we added the capability for ADHD visits to be schedule more than 24 hours in advance.

You asked… For IUD placement as a contraceptive option.

We answered… In Spring 2018 we added the option for IUD placement and removals in our Women’s Health clinic.

You asked… For increased same day appointments: in Fall 2017.

We answered… We instituted a change in our online scheduling module that increased same day availability and reduced no-shows by 30% allowing for more appointments for acute problems.

You asked… For increased availability for STD testing.  

We answered…Health Services implemented the GYT “Get Yourself Tested” clinic in February 2017. Students may receive testing without making an appointment with a provider. Health Services can bill insurance companies for the screenings.

You asked… For Health Services to bill insurance companies for prescriptions.  

We answered…As of December 2016, Health Services is billing insurance companies for prescriptions.  

You asked… For increased health promotion programming.

We answered…Health Services hired a new Health Promotion Coordinator in May 2016.

You asked…For increased availability for an optometrist in Eagle Eye Center.

We answered…A full-time Optometrist began Fall 2016.

You asked…For the staff to be educated on the importance of respectfully taking care of transgender patients.

We answered…As of 2015, all Health Services staff are required to complete an annual Transgender Sensitivity Training course.

You asked…For online scheduling and extended hours in the injection clinic.

We answered…Health Services began offering online scheduling for the injection clinic Spring Semester 2015. As of March 2016, the injection clinic hours were extended. Morning and afternoon appointments are now available. Click here for more info.

You asked…For messages to be sent directly to Physical Therapy.

We answered…As of March 2016, messages may be sent via OSH secure message to the Physical Therapist or students may call the Physical Department directly.

You asked…For additional services.

We answered…In 2014 the design of our new building included a physical therapy suite. Physical Therapy services began February 2016.

You asked…For more convenient condom distribution.

We answered…As of February 2016 Condoms are distributed in the Health Services Pharmacy Monday-Friday from 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm.

You asked…For better location and parking closer to the facility.

We answered…Georgia Southern University built a brand new 40,000 square foot facility (old building 13,500) on the corner of Plant Drive and Chandler Road that opened in January 2016. Specific parking spaces are designated in the Performing Arts Center parking lot across from our building. Additional parking for emergencies and 15-minute parking is located in front of our building if needed.

You asked…For more appointment availability.

We answered…In 2015, we added a full-time Family Medicine/Sports Medicine Physician, a part-time Physician Assistant, and a full-time Physical Therapist. The addition of these new staff members has enabled us to expand our appointment availability.

You asked…For easier and faster check-in services.

We answered…Health Services has six new kiosks located throughout the building for convenient check-in.

You asked…For electronic prescription capability to improve the process of receiving medications in a timely manner.

We answered…Since Summer 2014 Health Services has used an electronic prescription software to provide convenience for our students to pick up prescriptions in our pharmacy and external pharmacies of their choice instead of having to take their prescription to the pharmacy.

You asked…For the ability to upload and obtain immunization records.

We answered…As of February 2015, this functionality became available via Eagle Online Student Health.

You asked…For a better way to communicate with the Immunization Compliance staff.

We answered…The following email address was established in Fall 2015 to better communicate with students:

You asked…For the ability to retrieve copies of your itemized bill for services.

We answered…Bills for services can be downloaded from Eagle OSH.

Last updated: 4/4/2022