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August/September 2020 Golden Feathers

Congratulations to our August/September 2020 Golden Feather Award Winners! For those who may not know, these awards recognize residents, staff, faculty, campus partners. and events on both campuses each month that have made a positive impact on the residence halls, members of the residential community, and the Georgia Southern University community as a whole. We would like to thank everyone for their nominations, help on the selection committee, and patience. 

Student Leader of the Month: Monique Edwards (Nominated by Madison High) 

Resident Advisor of the Month-STBO: JaQuaylon Taylor (Nominated by Bria Pringle-Weston) 

Resident Advisor of the Month-ARM: Yailene Reyes (Nominated by Jenna Sutphin) 

University Housing Staff Member of the Month: Meg Heins (Nominated by Ben Wicker)

Graduate Staff Member of the Month-STBO: Frederick Smith (Nominated by Kimberly Bradley)

Graduate Staff Member of the Month-ARM: Kellianne Curley (Nominated by Jenna Sutphin) 

Resident Director of the Month-STBO: Colton Goodman (Nominated by Hope Gorman) 

Resident Director of the Month-ARM: Domonick Pitts (Nominated by Jenna Sutphin) 

Here are some additional nominees for August/September 2020:

Resident Advisor of the Month 

Cyna Anderson 

Manuel Abadie 

Corbin Molnar 

Kimberly Gates 

Temple Wallen 

Kaii Joseph-Maloney 

Hope Gorman 

Kimmy Smith 

Graduate Staff Member of the Month 

Veronica Slater 

Jerome Reimers 

Seev Lee 

Nailah Mitnol 

Ben Cosby 

Resident Director of the Month 

Jenna Sutphin


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