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October 2020 Golden Feather Award Winners and Nominees

The “Golden Feathers” are a monthly recognition program sponsored by University Housing.  Each month, students, faculty, staff, and partners may nominate as many people or strategies as they like within the below categories.  Nominees will receive a certificate with their nomination information and winners will receive a certificate and Golden Feather Pin. Join us in congratulating our staff members!

October 2020 Golden Feather Award Winners

Resident of the Month: Dystini Loggina (Nominated by Malachi Caines)

Student Leader of the Month-STBO: Marci Delcampo (Nominated by Katie Jones) 

Student Leader of the Month-ARM: Jade Reynolds (Nominated by Jenna Sutphin) 

Resident Advisor of the Month: Megan Tanner (Nominated by Brandon Long, Isabelle Harbuck, Ebeni Johnson, Rachel Stackhouse, and Niesha Bell) 

Graduate Staff Member of the Month: Emily Harris (Nominated by Liz Hocevar) 

Resident Director of the Month: Elizabeth Hocevar (Nominated by Jerome Reimers) 

University Housing Staff Member of the Month-STBO: Katie Fester (Nominated by Ben Wicker) 

University Housing Staff Member of the Month-ARM: Megan Carlisle (Nominated by Jenna Sutphin) 

Self-Care Experience of the Month: Mental Aid Kit by Kimberly Bradley, Colton Goodman, and Brandon Long (Nominated by Kimberly Bradley) 

Self-Discovery Experience of the Month: Identity Week by Nikolai Leslie (Nominated by Danielle Parker and Kellianne Curley) 

More Nominees for October 2020

Resident Advisor of the Month

Enysa Moore 
Kimberly Liebl 
Bolu Agboola 
Gabi Wiggill 
Nou Yang 
Anndrea Womack 
Adebayo Bello 
Karen Raymond 

Graduate Staff Member of the Month 

Terrie Bradley 
Brandon Long 
Fredrick Smith 

Resident Director of the Month 

David Ndozi 
Emily Maggio 
Kimberly Bradley 


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