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Designing Your Dream Dorm Room

by Kimmy Smith

Have you started shopping for decorations and items for your dorm at Georgia Southern? If the answer is no, don’t worry! I was one of those students who literally waited until the week before Operation Move-In to actually purchase dorm items which resulted in me struggling to find items for my dorm that matched the theme I had chosen. Now is a great time to start shopping for dorm décor or at least come up with some ideas to decorate your dorm room.

If you’re struggling to find decorations for your dorm room or would like to see how Georgia Southern students decorate their dorm, this blog is for you! You will see different room decorations and how these room decorations look in the different dorm setups. Whether you’re living at Centennial Place or Freedom’s Landing, you will see room inspiration for each residence hall so that you are better prepared and know how to decorate your space. From LED lights to GATA-themed decorations, you will see how Georgia Southern students style their space.

Decor 1 – Colors

What’s your favorite color? Many Georgia Southern students decorate their room based on their favorite color or a color that sticks out to them. This theme is great because it provides a basic guideline for the decorations you might purchase while also adding a pop of color to your room. Whether you decide to have pink pillows or a blue rug, adding different shades of your favorite color or a color that you love will make your room stand out in a good way.

Decor 2 – Patterns

Polka dots, stripes, chevron… the list goes on and on! Decorations with patterns are a great way to personalize your room and draw your attention to the most important items. One of the more popular ways Georgia Southern students utilize decorations with patterns is by having bedding with patterns and then matching the rest of the room decor with the patterns on the bedding. Because your bedding is one of the first things individuals notice when walking in your room, choosing decorations that correlate with the pattern of your bedding is a smart move and makes shopping a lot easier.

Decor 3 – Faux Fur

You can never have too many faux fur items and that’s proven true at Georgia Southern. Not only is faux fur trendy, but it’s also a great way to make your dorm cozier. Whether you choose to showcase your love of faux fur in the format of pillows, blankets, chair covers, rugs, etc. adding this small bit of fabric to your down can do wonders to your room

Decor 4 – Lights and Pictures

LED lights and string lights are always a great addition to your dorm. Whether you need the extra lighting or like the way the lights look on the wall/ceiling, lights are always a hit with Georgia Southern students. These lights provide an extra glow in your room and are a very inexpensive way to brighten your room. Even though lights are a great way to add a special touch to your room, make sure that you are not putting your lights too close to the ceiling or attaching your lights to flammable items like your bed or curtains. Not only are lights a great addition to your room, but pictures are also great additions as well. This item allows you to bring your own personal touch to your room and are great ways to fill up space in your room. Many students at Georgia Southern create their own picture wall to showcase some important memories and friends or they choose the more traditional format of displaying their pictures in a frame. Whether you choose to show your personality in the format of lights or pictures, you will need to make sure that you are not violating any housing regulations which can be found in the 2021-2022 Community Guide on the University Housing website.

Decor 5 – Georgia Southern

Georiga Southern students have pride in their school. Whether it’s dressing up in game day apparel and cheering on our Eagles at sporting events or proudly displaying our love for Georgia Southern throughout campus, GS-themed decorations in your dorm is a great way to show your school pride while at home. Some of my favorite GS-themed items are located in the University Store,, located on campus. Not only do they have a variety of GS-themed items, but they are also reasonably priced and you can find a lot of great items to add to your room on sale. 

Living on campus at Georgia Southern is a fun, rewarding experience and can help you build lifelong friendships and help you excel in your academics and career. Your dorm is a great place to showcase your personality and create a personal space that is comfortable for you to thrive in. Now that you have some inspiration to decorate your dorm based on how previous Georgia Southern students decorated their rooms, it’s time for you to design your dream dorm room at Georgia Southern. Go Eagles!


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