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Georgia Southern Mobile Apps You Need to Have

By Kimmy Smith

As you prepare for your first year at Georgia Southern University, there are a lot of helpful tips and information that will help you transition into a college student. One of the greatest tips that I could provide to incoming freshmen would be to download certain apps. While there are thousands of apps that are available for you to use as a college student, there are some apps that are worth the download and others that are a complete waste of space. The apps that I mention in this article are apps that not only I use but hundreds of other Georgia Southern students use on a weekly basis. 

LiveSafe App

“The LiveSafe app provides two-way, real-time interactions with Public Safety that include text, calls, photos and videos. The app also provides relevant safety resources and peer-to-peer safety tools.” Not only is the app useful for Georgia Southern students, but parents can also download the app to receive alerts and notifications pertaining to safety. One of my favorite, most used features of this app is the Safewalk which allows you to have someone, a parent, friend, etc. virtually “walk” you to your destination. Overall, this app is my go-to app for all things safety-related at Georgia Southern. For more information about the LiveSafe app, visit


Georgia Southern University has so many dining options to choose from on the Armstrong and Statesboro campus. Instead of having to wait in line to order food, Georgia Southern has made it easy to order and grab a bite on campus thanks to their mobile ordering app called GATA-GO. This app makes waiting in line a thing of the past while allowing you to grab a coffee from Starbucks before heading to your 9 a.m. class or a sandwich from Market Street Deli during lunchtime. I use the app every time I am trying to grab something to eat on campus but I am pushed for time. This app is a great app for you to use no matter what you want to eat. For more information about the GATA-GO app, visit

Starship Delivery

One of the first things that you will notice when you step foot on campus is the little white robots riding around campus with an orange flag. These little robots aren’t just random robots, they actually deliver food to the students on campus. It’s simple. Once you download the Starship Delivery app, you are able to order food from Starbucks, Sushi with Gusto, GUS Mart and more. As long as you are within a 3-mile radius of campus, the Starship robots will deliver food straight to your dorm or your location on campus. This app comes in handy when you’re having a self-care day and don’t want to leave your dorm or if you’re studying at the library and don’t want to interrupt your studying to grab something to eat. For more information about the Starship Delivery app, visit

Passio Go

Whether you’re heading to the RAC or trying to get to class, many students at Georgia Southern utilize the bus routes to get to their destination in a timely manner. Buses at Georgia Southern provide students with a ride to certain spots on campus so that students do not have to walk or use any other form of transportation. One of my favorite and most-used apps is Passio Go. This app allows you to track the location of the buses on campus so that you are aware of where the buses are at all times and can prepare yourself accordingly. Knowing the location of the buses comes in handy when you’re trying to get from one side of campus to the other within a certain amount of time. For more information about the Passio Go app, visit

As you see, there are many apps designed for Georgia Southern students and these are a few of my favorites. One of the most helpful ways I found to store these apps on my phone is by creating a folder titled “Georgia Southern” or something similar and storing those apps in that folder. This is helpful because you will be able to locate the apps all in one place without having to browse through the multiple apps on your phone. Whether you download one or all the apps, you now have a cheat sheet for some of the most helpful apps at Georgia Southern.


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