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Armstrong Student Staff Employment

Be a Resident Advisor

University Housing at Armstrong currently employs twenty-four (24) live-in resident advisors who help support the residential curriculum and administration of Armstrong’s four residential areas. The RA position is crucial to the function of the housing department and to the education of our residential students. RAs provide a number of functions to our students including leadership, resources, student and community development, and safety awareness. Students who serve in this role are actively engaged in the departments’ educational priority and serve as peer leaders and educators. RAs receive training in leadership development, community development, curriculum, and crisis response. The skills learned in this student position are transferable to any future career aspirations.

Are you a student leader who wants to help educate peers and serve as a role model? If so, then we hope you consider applying to be an RA for the 2020-2021 academic year. The RA Selection Process is about to be conjured up. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the process or the position, please contact Katie Fester, Assistant Director of University Housing at Armstrong.

The Armstrong Campus is excited to be announcing the upcoming Resident Advisor Selection Process timeline within the next few weeks. Please be on the lookout for additional information about the process via your student email. Thank you

Are you interested in becoming a Graduate Assistant Residence Director?

We are currently fully staffed and are not accepting new applications at this time.

Last updated: 11/1/2019