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Professional Staff

Our professional staff members are afforded many opportunities to grow and develop in their professional and personal lives. Whether serving on a committee, presenting a training session, attending conferences, or networking with peers on campus; we encourage our staff members to continue learning through the work they do.

Assistant Directors

Assistant Directors (AD) are responsible for overseeing and coordinating the area to which they are responsible. Each AD is responsible to create, present, and execute plans specific to their area, oversee area specific support members, and coordinate with other University Housing staff members to ensure that the Department is functioning at best, at each level.

AD positions include:

  • Assistant Director of Residence Education
  • Assistant Director for Residential Learning
  • Assistant Director of Occupancy and Technology

Resident Directors

The Resident Director (RD)  is a full time, Master’s level professional staff member who lives in the halls and creates a positive and engaging living-learning environment for students. RDs supervise Resident Advisors and Desk Assistants and some supervise Graduate Resident Directors. They also manage the daily operations of the building.

Administrative Support

Administrative Support members are the key to our department’s success. These staff members have direct contact with our students and parents through e-mail, phone correspondence and visits to our campus. Daily, these staff members are able to put our motto, “Serving Students First,” into play through these interactions. Additionally, these staff members serve our department through coordination of appointments, supervision of student workers, and other organizational tasks.

Last updated: 1/29/2021