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Apply to Armstrong Campus


New Student (First-Year and Transfer Students)
University Housing is accepting applications for students wishing to live on campus at the Armstrong Campus in Savannah.  All first-year students completing their academic year applications by May 1 will receive priority placement.
Apply for Housing Here!! Please use the log-in credentials sent to your student email address by the University Housing office. Click “Select Application” at the top of the page and choose “Academic Year 2018-2019” then simply follow the steps listed below:
StepStep NameDescription
1Start ApplicationPlease read the information on this page and continue to section 2.
2Application Fee PaymentElectronically submit your one-time non-refundable $100.00 application fee
3Contact InformationPlease ensure that all information is accurate. Discrepancies can be corrected by contacting the Office of the Registrar
4Meningitis NotificationPlease review the University's policy regarding the Meningitis vaccination
5Community SelectionSelect your room type preference. Please note that first-year students will only be allowed to select spaces in Windward Commons
6Roommate RequestThis is optional. You may request a roommate to live with during your first-year
7Online ContractPlease read the housing contract and electronically sign at the bottom of the page

Students under the age of 18 will need to print the contract and return it to us
Returning Students

Returning students who wish to return to housing for another year should apply online via Port of Armstrong.  Returning students ARE NOT required to pay the housing application fee as it was a one-time fee.  Returning students must, however, self-select their own space during their designated time period to ensure they get the space they want.

Housing and Residence Life will be hosting a renewal period for residents continuing to live on campus for the upcoming 2018-2019 academic year. Now is the perfect time to start having conversations and making plans regarding housing for the next academic year! You will be receiving a Housing Renewal Newsletter and will begin to notice flyers, banners, and posters regarding the Housing Renewal Process around campus.

You will self-select your housing for next year through your online housing application via Port of Armstrong. There are three renewal periods for current students which all can be completed online through your 2018-2019 housing application:

Housing Renewal Events

Open House: Sunday, February 4th. 2018

Residence Life will also be hosting a Housing Open House on Sunday, February 5th from 1-5pm in the Compass Point Clubhouse which will include housing tours from 1-3pm. This is an opportunity for all students, especially first-year students, to get priority in picking their housing assignment for next year! Students who attend this event will be able to select their space right then and there! Plus it gives everyone in attendance a chance to meet potential roommates, see room spaces, and enjoy some wonderful food!


Theme Community Housing Selection: Monday, February 5th, 2018

Students interested in living in one of our theme communities are invited to come to the University Housing Administrative Office (located on the second floor of Compass Point 7000) between the hours of 9am-5pm. Students can select a space as an individual or as a group. Please contact Katie Fester by emailing

Students will have 3 communities to choose from:

  • Global Crossroads
  • Greek Housing
  • Graduate Student Housing (students who will be enrolled in a graduate degree program Fall of 2018)

What do you do need to before you select your housing?

  • If you have not done so already, please complete the 2018-2019 Housing Application and sign the electronic contract
  • Make plans! We suggest talking to your friends and come up with a few different options
  • Determine your eligible renewal period

Important Things to know

  • Windward Commons is NOT eligible for same-room renewal as it is a community intended for incoming first-year students. There will be a small population of rooms in Windward on the first floor that will be available during the Renewal Event and the last two weeks of renewals. Once those spaces are gone, you will be placed on a waiting list
  • Rooms designated for our themed housing communities or for special assignment related processes are not available to self-select into. If you do not see your room available during the renewal periods it means that it is not available for self-selection
  • You will not have to pay the non-refundable application fee
Special Accommodation Needs

The Student Disability Resource Center and Housing and University Housing work closely together to evaluate requests for housing accommodations for students with disabilities. Students requesting special accommodation or modification for housing must complete and submit the Housing Accommodation Form  in order to receive consideration. In addition, the student requesting accommodation must also have a current fully completed housing application on file before the university will evaluate a request for housing accommodation. A request for housing accommodation does not guarantee a housing assignment.

The student should complete Section I and the medical provider should complete Section II. This request must be completed in its entirety before a request will be considered. All requests for accommodation must be made by 60 days before arrival.

Documentation must substantiate a diagnosed impairment that is a current substantial limitation to a major life activity as it relates to housing needs. To ensure the provision of reasonable and appropriate on-campus accommodations for students, the university requires current and comprehensive documentation of the disorder from a current treatment/ assessment professional qualified to make the diagnosis. (Please note, a diagnosis in and of itself does not automatically qualify for requested accommodation.)

This request form must be submitted each year in order to review and renew, as appropriate, accommodations provided through The Student Disability Resource Center and Housing and University Housing.


Last updated: 9/21/2018