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Summer Housing

Summer is an exciting time at Georgia Southern and the Department of University Housing has several programs for those who will be at our campus during the summer months. Using the menu above, you can browse through the programs we offer and see which one best suits your needs!

New Freshman

If you are part of Eagle Success, please select the Eagle Success link above for information on how to apply for summer housing.

If you are beginning your first term of enrollment during the regular summer term, please make sure that you have confirmed your eligibility for enrolling in summer classes with the Office of Admissions. All regularly admitted new freshman starting in Summer Minimester 1 and Summer Minimester 2 terms are assigned to Southern Courtyard.

The regular summer minimester housing applications will go live on or before March 1, 2019.  Click Here to apply for Summer Housing. Freshman Students starting in the summer must also complete their Fall housing application, which can be completed in the same location.

Current and Transfer Students

Students enrolled for the Summer are eligible to live in On-Campus Housing. Students apply for Summer Housing separately from the Fall/Spring process, applications for Summer Housing are typically available on March 1st of each year.

Statesboro campus Summer housing will be available in the Southern Courtyard complex, which offers two and four bedroom apartments.  Students may opt to live on campus for Summer Minimester 1 only, Summer Minimester 2 only, both Minimester 1 & 2, or for the Summer Full Term.

Click HERE for additional information about rates and location for this years Summer Housing options, or to APPLY.

Spring to Summer – Break Housing

Students can sign up for break housing only if they have both a Spring Housing Assignment and a Summer Minimester 1 2018 assignment. If you do not have Spring 2018 housing or are currently not in housing for Summer Minimester 1, you may not participate in Break Housing Stay Over.

There are three different options for break housing to participate in. In order to participate, student must be enrolled and living on campus for both Spring and Summer semesters at Georgia Southern University. You must sign up for Break Housing by Thursday May 3, 2018 at 12:00 noon to be eligible to participate.

        • Option 1 – Storage Only in Same Room – If you are in the same bedroom assignment in Southern Courtyard for Spring 2019 and Summer Minimester 1, then you may leave your belongings in your bedroom, turn in your key and check out with a staff member after you have moved all belongings to your bedroom. This includes all kitchen and bathroom items. Please note that University Housing is not responsible for property left in the room during the break period. You must sign up using the link below. Cost – $0
        • Option 2 – Break Stay in Same Room – If you are in the same bedroom assignment in Southern Courtyard for Spring 2019 and Summer Minimester 1 then you may occupy your room for the entire break period (May 8th – May 14th) and use your room. Staff will be in to clean the common areas (bathrooms, kitchen, etc.), so you are advised to keep as many belongings in your bedroom as possible. Cost – $100
        • Option 3 – Break Stay in Different Room – If you are in a different room on campus for Spring 2019 and Summer Minimester 1, you will stay in your current Spring room assignment until Thursday, May 14th. On May 14th, from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon., you will then move to your Summer Minimester 1 housing assignment.  To start the check in process you will report to the Southern Courtyard clubhouse for your key. Please note: if you cannot move during the scheduled time to your Summer Minimester 1 housing assignment, you CANNOT participate in Break Housing. You must move completely out of your Spring 2018 housing assignment by noon on May 14th and turn in your keys at the Southern Courtyard front desk. Cost – $100.

      You will have to log into the Housing Student Web to sign up for Break Stay.  You can do so using the link below.  Use your Eagle ID as your username and your password that you have previously reset to log in.  If you have changed your password and can no longer log in, please contact our office to reset your password.

Make your selection below to continue the application process.
Spring to Summer – Break Housing Application

Last updated: 4/3/2022