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Benefits of Living in a RLC

RLC Benefits Video

There are many benefits to living in a RLC. Not only do you get to live with some amazing individuals, but you are provided with VIP access to campus resources, you are provided with extra academic support, and your residential experience is tailored to your interests/needs.

While each RLC is different in its activities and approach, they all have the common goal of helping students transition successfully and thrive in the college environment. National research has shown that students who live and actively engage in a RLC are more likely to:

  1. Have an easier time adjusting to the college environment. It can be daunting to move to a new place and start a whole new life. There are so many opportunities and resources available to students that sifting through it all can become overwhelming.  However, the RLC students are provided with additional support from faculty, staff, and upperclassmen so that they know what they need and how to access it.
  2. Have a stronger sense of belonging at the university. Time and time again, research shows that students who feel like they BELONG are the most successful academically, personally, and professionally. The RLCs offer students the opportunity to build a strong, supportive networks of peers, faculty, and staff from their first day on campus!
  3. Have higher GPAs. Many of our students live with others who have common majors and/or courses. This allows them to easily form study groups, attend tutoring together, and get more personalized academic support from our faculty partners.
  4. Be successful in their major or academic program. Our LLCs in particular set students up for success by pairing them with mentors, faculty, and staff who can help them succeed in their major and better understand the career opportunities available to them. This enables our students to make more informed choices about the courses they are taking, the possible career paths open to them, and how to best  succeed in their major/academic program.
  5. Stay in college and graduate on time. Because of the extra academic support and increased sense of belonging at the university, RLC students are more likely to graduate – and on time!

FUN FACT: We conduct assessment each year on the success of our RLC students.  For example, the Lab LLC is in its fourth year and we can already see that GPAs and retention rates of LLC students is higher than non-LLC students. Our first cohort of Labbies have been out of the community for three years, but they still have an average GPA that is .22 points higher than non-LLC students.

Last updated: 5/6/2021