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Getting Involved with RHA

Why You Should Join

As a member of RHA, you will have the opportunity to make a lifelong connection to the people inside and/or outside of your residence hall. Furthermore, you will be able to be heard, have a voice, and be a leader while making a difference within the on-campus community and gaining invaluable leadership experience.

A residence hall means home so if you are interested in creating a sense of community within your residence hall you should join RHA! If you are interested in joining RHA come to a General Body meeting.

General Body Meeting

RHA general body meetings occur Monday nights at 7:00 pm in the Watson MPR

Apply for a Leadership Position

Applications are currently open for the 2017 – 2018 academic year.  The applications will be open until all Leadership position on the Advocacy and Programming Board have been filled.  To apply for a Leadership position click here!

Advocacy Board

The purpose of the advocacy board is to help advocate for student issues on campus while also promoting service and philanthropy for on-campus students. The advocacy board also ensures resident’s issues are being enacted upon by drafting proposals and conducting resident life quality surveys five weeks into each semester. Furthermore, the advocacy board raises awareness on campus through campaigns such as the Walk to End Alzheimer.

Leadership Position on the Advocacy Board

Advocacy Liaison: These people will work closely with one another to make sure that resident’s issues are being heard. They will conduct surveys FIVE weeks into each semester. And choose THREE advocacy issues they would like to address through the semester.

Service Liaison: This person will be in charge of contacting local businesses and organizations that need volunteers. They will plan service events and announce them at general body meetings to the rest of RHA.

Philanthropy Liaison: This person will be in charge of deciding which philanthropies RHA will support and donate to. There must be at least 1philanthropy charity benefited per semester.

Programming Board

The purpose of the Programming Board is for students to learn how to collaborate with their peers to plan and implement programs within the Residence Halls. Within the programming board, you will have the opportunity to share your ideas, your visions, to plan fun and interactive events for all students to engage in. You will have the opportunity to be a leader among your peers while managing your very own programming projects.

Leadership Position on the Programming Board

Event Coordinator (3 Positions): These people will have the opportunity to serve as a leader among their peers. They will be tasked with the responsibilities of managing a budget, managing a team of dedicated programmers, and fulfilling the responsibilities of planning a program. Each Event Coordinator is provided with unique networking opportunities to work with the RHA Executive Board Members and other Housing Staff Members to plan successful RHA events.


Last updated: 11/13/2017