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Working in University Housing is a uniquely rewarding experience. Our team members center their work around our students and enhancing the experience they have in our residence halls. Team members are dedicated to our students and to each other, creating a comprehensive approach to our work. Our team members are afforded many opportunities to grow and develop in their professional and personal lives. Whether teaching a course, presenting a training session, attending conferences or networking with peers on campus, we encourage our team members to continue learning through the work they do.

Working with Georgia Southern University Housing provides an experience that will help you after college through practice of responsibility, confidentiality, and time management, just for a start. Your experience working as a student employee will help you in the future because it indicates to employers that you are responsible, experienced, and capable.

Armstrong Resident Directors and Graduate Resident Directors
Armstrong Resident Directors and Graduate Resident Directors
Statesboro Resident Directors and Graduate Resident Directors
Statesboro Resident Directors and Graduate Resident Directors

Being a part of Georgia Southern University’s Housing employment team involves many perks as a student. One of the most important benefits includes GS Housing’s observation that you are a student first. This means that as a student employee, you will never be scheduled to work during a time that you have classes or more than 25 hours a week, ensuring that you will have plenty of time to be responsible to your first priority at Georgia Southern, your education. Georgia Southern University offers training sessions that are as interactive and entertaining as they are informative, preparing you for any situation that may arise on the job. Our student employees work closely with students, as well as staff, providing a safe and friendly work environment.

Office Assistants

Office Assistants work in the Central Office, Residential Education, and Residential Facilities to assist staff members with answering phones, filing, inter-campus mail delivery, as well as performing office tasks and organization. Office Assistants work during the week during normal business hours. Office Assistants are not required to live on campus, but have the opportunity to develop relationships with the professional staff they work with in their offices.

Summer Conference Staff

Please click here for information on the Summer 2020 Recruitment Process.

Desk Assistants

Please click here for information on the 2021-2022 Recruitment Process.

Resident Advisors (RA)

We are searching for a few more Resident Advisors for the Statesboro campus for the 2023-2024 year. You can access details regarding that process HERE.

Take Flight: Your Professional Journey Starts Here!

Meet our Graduate Staff Recruitment and Selection Committee:
To contact us, please email Graduate Staff Recruitment Committee Chairs
  • Katie Fester, Associate Director of Residence Education
  • Kaitlyn Van Dyk, Resident Director
  • Meet our Current Professional and Graduate Staff:
    Graduate Staff Recruitment Team

    Check out the 2023 Resident Director & Graduate Resident Director recruitment book to learn more about graduate staff.

    Summer Internships (Graduate Student)

    University Housing hires a number of graduate students internally and/or through the Association of College and University Housing Officers – International (ACUHO-I) Housing Internship Program. Internship sites with University Housing are currently in Residence Education and have included managing a Summer School residence hall, assisting with summer camps and conferences, and serving as leads on specialized projects, such as residential learning strategies and the development of professional and student staff training efforts. These summer internships are typically available on both the Statesboro and Armstrong Campuses.

    Graduate Assistantships

    University Housing employs one of the largest graduate staff teams across the University. The Residence Education team at both Georgia Southern campuses hire up to 17 graduate assistants each academic year. There are two types of assistantships offered within University Housing – Graduate Assistant for Residence Education and the Graduate Resident Director.

    Come join us for a Grad Info Night on November 15th at 7pm via zoom. We will have representatives from Graduate Admissions, Financial Aid, Graduate Assistantships, and Housing to answer any questions you may have about Graduate School, Assistantship opportunities, and potentially working in University Housing

    • Date: November 15th
    • Time: 7pm
    • Zoom Meeting ID: 898 0579 9150

    There are four Graduate Assistants for Residence Education that work closely with the Residence Education Leadership Team and Central Housing staff to develop department-wide strategies. The Graduate Resident Director position is a live-in staff member that helps supervise undergraduate student staff and manage a residential complex and student learning initiatives. To see the job descriptions and application process, please see below.

    Learn More About our Graduate Assistantships Here

Professional Staff

Our professional staff members are afforded many opportunities to grow and develop in their professional and personal lives. Whether serving on a committee, presenting a training session, attending conferences, or networking with peers on campus; we encourage our staff members to continue learning through the work they do.

Assistant Directors (AD)

Assistant Directors (AD) are responsible for overseeing and coordinating the area to which they are responsible. Each AD is responsible to create, present, and execute plans specific to their area, oversee area specific support members, and coordinate with other University Housing staff members to ensure that the Department is functioning at best, at each level.

AD positions include:
  • Assistant Director of Residence Education
  • Assistant Director for Residential Learning
  • Assistant Director of Occupancy and Technology
  • Assistant Director of Housing Operations and Guest Services
Resident Directors (RD)

The Resident Director is a full time, Master’s level professional staff member who lives in the halls and creates a positive and engaging living-learning environment for students. RDs supervise Resident Advisors and Desk Assistants and some supervise Graduate Resident Directors. They also manage the daily operations of the building.

Administrative Support

Administrative Support members are the key to our department’s success. These staff members have direct contact with our students and parents through e-mail, phone correspondence and visits to our campus. Daily, these staff members are able to put our motto, “Serving Students First,” into play through these interactions. Additionally, these staff members serve our department through coordination of appointments, supervision of student workers, and other organizational tasks.

Last updated: 3/16/2022