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Professional Development

Georgia Southern is committed to your professional development. In addition to managing a building and supervising student and graduate level staff, professional staff members have opportunities for growth in many of the examples included below:

On-Going Staff Development Opportunities

Throughout the academic year, Residence Education purchases webinars, identifies books and articles, and facilitates open dialogues to enhance the skills and train our staff on emerging student affairs work. Staff members are also encouraged to write about their experience or topics they are passionate about in association newsletters such as The SEAHO report, ACUHO-I Talking Stick, ACPA Developments, the Journal of College Student Development and other notable publications. Residence Education also believes that an important part of developing professionally is to become a strong practitioner in the position you hold as a staff member; we support that development through weekly meetings as a group, one-on-one with your supervisor, through continual feedback, and the yearly evaluation process.

Conference Attendance

University Housing supports your professional development by sponsoring your yearly attendance at a regional or national conference. It is an expectation that staff members submit a program proposal for each conference they attend. Residence Education Leadership Team members, and your colleagues, will serve as great resources for co-presenting and providing assistance in planning for conference presentation proposals.

University Committees

Staff members will also have the opportunity to have adjunct assignments. Some assignments coordinate or advise functions while others ensure University Housing is represented within the Student Affairs and Auxiliary Services divisions or the greater university. Adjunct assignments include departmental sponsored programs like the Homecoming lip sync contest, “Screaming Eagles,” and university committees like the University Conduct Board, Sexual Assault Response Team, and other committees. Adjunct assignments are added throughout the year as University Housing deems necessary.

Housing Committees

Residence Education coordinates the hiring, training, and staff development for approximately 200 staff members. Serving on departmental committees is an essential component of the job and also provides a professional development opportunity for our staff. Many committees are chaired by Assistant Directors due to job responsibilities. However, Resident Directors receive the opportunity to chair or co-chair many of these committees so they can develop leadership and functional skills.

Living Learning Communities

University Housing focuses on creating purposeful partnerships with our academic and student affairs colleagues that will enhance the academic support and career development of our students. Throughout this process, we have developed and maintained multiple themed and living learning communities.

Assessment Project

As a way to meet the needs of the field and prepare Resident Directors for their next role, each Resident Director completes an annual assessment project that relates to Residential Education. These projects may be completed in groups or solo, but a member of the Residential Education Leadership Team will serve as a mentor to Resident Directors throughout this process.

GS Professional Development Conference Presentation
Ben Wicker and Katie Fester SEAHO 2022


Last updated: 4/12/2021