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Fall 2019 Statesboro Campus Housing Cancellation Incentive

Incentive Form:

Please click the link below to submit the form:

Housing Incentive Form

Due to high occupancy for the Fall 2019 semester and our commitment to help first-year students acclimate to Georgia Southern University by providing them with on-campus housing, we are offering incentives to returning and transfer students on the Statesboro campus who may want to live off campus.

These offers are voluntary. If you do not wish to cancel your housing, you are not required to do so. The information on this page should serve as a resource for students who are interested in pursuing this option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any preferred apartment complexes that have availability?

A: Georgia Southern cannot make recommendations for preferred providers as the lease agreement is between the student (and their guarantor) and the housing provider. Each private housing provider has their own process for receiving applications and may conduct both credit and background checks. There are resources listed below to assist students in looking for apartments.

Q: Is Georgia Southern University going to serve as the guarantor on my lease agreement?

A: No, the housing arrangement you would secure would be on your own behalf.

Q: If I fill out the form am I guaranteed that I will get the housing grant incentive?

A: No, the housing cancellation incentive will only be offered to the first 50 students who fill out the form and successfully cancel their housing to seek an off-campus housing arrangement. It will be applied to your student account through the Financial Aid disbursement process for the Fall 2019 semester. You must be an enrolled Georgia Southern student for the Fall 2019 semester in order to receive the grant.

Q: How will I know that I am one of the first 50 students who complete the form?

A: University Housing will quickly notify the students who complete the form that they are one of the first 50 students. Once the student confirms that they have secured off-campus housing, their on-campus housing contract will be canceled without penalty, the housing rent charges will be removed from the student account, and the housing grant will be applied by Financial Aid.

Q: Will participating in this incentive affect my financial aid?

A: It is possible that there could be an impact to your financial aid award. As each student’s award is unique, you are encouraged to contact your financial aid counselor if you have questions regarding the possible impact. To contact their office please use this link:

Q: What can I do about my dining plan if I cancel my housing?

A: Please contact the Eagle Card Center at 912-478-5311 as soon as possible to make any adjustments to your dining plan. You can also visit the Eagle Dining Services website at

Q: If I move off-campus how do I change my parking permit to a commuter permit?

A: For questions and/or assistance with this matter, contact the Parking and Transportation Office at (912) 478-7275 (Statesboro).

Off-Campus Resources
  • University Off-Campus Housing Resources – The Division of Student Affairs maintains a website dedicated to serving off-campus students in negotiating lease agreements and roommate concerns in the private sector environment.
  • Statesboro Apartment Finder – The resources on this page may assist you in locating an apartment in the Statesboro area.
  • – the resources on this page may assist you in locating an apartment in the Statesboro area.
  • For students currently in the Statesboro area for summer, Admissions is currently planning an off-campus apartment fair during SOAR Z on July 19 from 11:15 am until 1:00 pm in the Russell Union Commons for Transfer students. Currently students are welcome to attend. (Please note that this event is still in the planning stage and not yet confirmed)

Last updated: 7/11/2019