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Move-In Tips


How to pack

Pack things that you’ll need immediately in small suitcases or duffel bags (This makes for easy access). You may also pack items in crates or plastic storage bins, which can be used for decoration and storage in your room. Engrave your driver’s license number on all your valuables – TV, DVD player, bicycle, and your computer are just a few items you should consider. Engravers may be checked out from your residence hall office.

Label all boxes as you pack them. When you are ready to unpack contents, you’ll know what’s where. If you are shipping items, write the contents on the inside flap of the box. Be sure to ship items to your P.O Box, not University Housing.  It is also helpful if you label each of your boxes with your name and room number.  This will help direct available volunteers to the correct room to deliver your items.

Last updated: 2/13/2018