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Prospective Freshmen

Prospective Freshman

Living on Campus is a great way to begin your experience at Georgia Southern! Students living on campus are more connected to campus live, earn higher GPAs than their off-campus counterparts, and report a greater level of satisfaction from their overall college experience. New students at Georgia Southern, whether freshmen, transfer or graduate students, all have the opportunity to live in on-campus housing and share in the vibrant experience that living in one of our residential communities provides. Please select the type of student that you are for information specific to you.

Students admitted to the Eagle Success can get more information on Eagle Success housing here.


All first year students are required to live on campus for their first year of enrollment. Students who begin in the summer or fall are required to live on campus for the Fall and Spring terms, students who begin in the spring are only required to live on-campus for the Spring Semester.

First Year students can apply for Housing approximately two days after they have been admitted (after the applications are available around Nov 1st) and the priority deadline is March 15th. Students who complete their housing application by March 15th will receive their fall housing information by April 1st.

Students requesting an exemption to the First Year Live On Requirement must file a FYLOR Exemption Request. Please visit the First Year Live On Requirement page for more information.


All room assignments are made based on the date you complete your housing application (or the average date if you have a roommate) and some halls and room types go fast. Typically over 60% of first year students meet the March 15th deadline and half of those are completed in the last four weeks, so APPLY EARLY!!!

Apply Now!


Students who have a medical or ADA related condition that requires special accommodation or an exemption to the live on policy may request for a review of their personal circumstances. This review is conducted by either (1) the Student Disability Resource Center or (2) the Chief Medical Officer of the University Health Services Office. A review will require documentation from a physician or testing authority that identifies the specific problems and a history of treatment/issues. Additional information may also be required before a decision is finalized.

Please note that the reviewing authority will determine what accommodations are reasonable and necessary for the student. The student’s personal preferences in housing is not the determining factor in the decision though it may influence final placement. (e.g. if a student requires a private bedroom, any private bedroom option meets that requirement). Students needing to request an accommodation should do so by March 1st or within two weeks of completing their housing application to maximize available options.  Requests for housing accommodations made after this time may limit availability of specific requests and may result in delay of implementation past the start of the semester.

Requests may be made using the form available at the Student Disability Resource Center website

Students requesting an accommodation of a service or assistance animal can contact the main housing office to discuss the process for documenting the need for the animal as well as completing identifying paperwork.

Students requesting an exemption to the First Year Live On Requirement must file a FYLOR Exemption Request. Please visit the First Year Live On Requirement page for more information.

Hall Options

Incoming first year students can live in all halls with the exception of Freedom’s Landing. To review the amenities and layouts of the rooms, click here, or the hall options page.


First Year students can live with other first year students. We are not able to accommodate requests for freshmen to live with upper class students. The housing application will allow you to form or join a roommate group with individuals that you wish to live with.  It will require individuals to either create the group and invite others or to accept invitations to join a group created by a group leader.

Please note that in order to be matched with a requested roommate, BOTH applications must:

  • Accept the offer to join the roommate group
  • Both students must list the same hall choices in the same order

Last updated: 12/10/2018