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University Housing and Georgia Southern does not provide residents with insurance coverage for their belongings for either damage or theft. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain coverage for their personal belongings with either a renter’s insurance policy or should investigate to see if their parent’s homeowners insurance provides them coverage at school.  Many policies include coverage for items outside rooms (e.g. laptops) and coverage can often continue if a student moves off-campus to another housing facility.

University Housing also strongly advises students to carry coverage for damage done to their room or other campus facilities in the event that they are found responsible for damages to the room or other common spaces. In the past, students have been held responsible for fire and water damages that have been the result of either accident or negligence. For example: when a student has left an item on the stove and that caused a fire that damaged their and other residence hall units. Many renters’ policies do not automatically provide coverage for this kind of loss and the student can be personally responsible, so please be sure to check your policy.

Last updated: 3/3/2016