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Statesboro – Residence Education

2020-2021 Residence Education Team

The Residence Education team in University Housing is here to serve you as leaders, role models, community builders and resource people.  Our team is made up of:

  • Desk Assistants (DA): Approximately 60 undergraduate students serve as resources and provide customer service at our 8 residence hall clubhouse desks.
  • Resident Advisors (RA):  131 undergraduate student leaders are hired each year to serve as peer mentors and community builders.  Each RA is assigned to a residence hall floor or block of apartments.  Learn More about the RA Position.
  • Graduate Resident Directors (GRD): Starting in fall 2018, eight Graduate Resident Directors work with the RAs, help to manage front desk operations in the clubhouse, participate in departmental committees, and supervise Resident Advisor staff.
  • Resident Directors (RD): Ten professional Resident Directors manage the eight residence halls.  An RD typically has a Master’s degree in College Student Personnel, Student Affairs, Counseling, or Higher Education, and has chosen to work with college students as a profession.  They supervise RA’s, advise a residential student group, design educational and social events for your hall, participate in the 24-hour emergency/crisis response rotation,  and serve as the student conduct officer for your hall.  Learn More about the RD Position
  • Assistant Directors (AD): Two professional Assistant Directors supervise RDs, GRDs, and RAs with in two areas on campus.  Additionally they manage staff hiring, training, academic initiatives, and student involvement in our student organizations, the Residence Hall Association (RHA), National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), and Resident Advisor advocacy group. They also chair our departmental committees, serve in an emergency/crisis on-call rotation, and serve as student conduct officers.   All Assistant Directors have prior experience as Resident Directors.
  • Residence Education Central Office Staff:  The Director of Residence Education (DRE) serves as the leader of the Residence Education department and facilitates visioning and strategic priorities for the department.  We also have an Associate Director who has oversight of our staff recruitment, selection, and training process, our Residential Curriculum model, and the assessment of our departmental programs and processes. The Assistant Director for Residential Learning leads our efforts to implement our Residential Curriculum, oversee our Residential Learning Communities, and guide our academic success efforts. Our Senior Administrative Assistant and Administrative Assistant work hard to keep us organized and providing the best service possible to our residents. There are four Graduate Assistants in our central office who help us to achieve our goals of providing a quality housing program to Georgia Southern students.

Meet our staff!

Last updated: 7/28/2020