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Eagle Educators Living-Learning Community


The Eagle Educators LLC is our newest LLC, open to first-year students with a declared major within the College of Education. Through participation in this community, students will successfully transition to the college environment and understand the requirements of their chosen major. Additionally, students will discuss and learn more about the diverse and complex needs of the U.S. educational system, as well as develop skills needed to be a culturally responsive educator.

Location: Statesboro Campus, Eagle Village


Students who participate in this community will…

  • Reflect on their own values, interests, strengths, and goals – as it relates to their major and career aspirations.
  • Be introduced to the needs of students in the U.S. educational system while challenging their own beliefs and assumptions about the teaching profession.
  • Learn multicultural competency skills to increase their ability to respect and empathize with diverse populations of students, parents, and educators.
  • Be prepared for successful admission and completion of the College of Education degree requirements.


Students living in the Eagle Educators LLC will be asked to meet basic requirements of the community and will be provided with unique and engaging specialized programs to help them grow and develop as educators during their time at Georgia Southern. Some of these requirements and opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Students are required to have a declared major within the College of Education.
  • Students are required to take an LLC-designated section of FYE 1220 (required for all first year students) and a zero credit experiential learning course called RLC 1000. The LLC Academic Advisor will enroll students in these courses over the summer.
  • Students will be asked to participate in a manageable amount of programs and service experiences in order to learn more about their major, their philosophy as an educator, and the U.S. education system.
  • Students have the opportunity to play a leadership role in the community by joining the Student Advisory Board. Additionally, successful students of the LLC may be invited to return as an upperclassman member of the community in their second year.


What makes our Living-Learning Communities so special is the ability students have to live with those who have similar interests/goals as them (including their Resident Advisor), build meaningful connections with faculty and staff, and participate in experiences that will enable them to reach their personal, academic, and professional goals.  In order to make the most out of your experience, we highly recommend active participation in both community requirements and specialty programs offered for residents of the community.  Some of the specialty programs that may be offered this upcoming year in Eagle Educators include, but are not limited to:

  • Fall Orientation
  • Upperclassman Panels
  • Tours of Local Schools
  • Lunch & Learns with Local Administrators
  • Workshops on Being Accepted Into the College of Education
  • Group Service Projects & Experiential Learning Opportunities
  • Dinners with COE Professors
  • Meeting with the Dean
  • Film/Book Series
  • Joining the Student Advisory Board (SAB)
  • End of Year Celebration & Recognition Ceremony



Last updated: 3/1/2019