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Geektopia Theme Community


The purpose of the Geektopia TC is to allow first-year students the opportunity to proudly share their geeky tendencies.  Geektopia students live with others who are passionate about geek culture, comic books, sci-fi, anime, and gaming and the community provides them with opportunities to explore how these fantasy worlds influence our own through discussions, movie nights, and more.

Location: Statesboro Campus, Watson Hall


Students in this community will…

  • Establish strong, meaningful relationships with faculty, peers, staff, and advisors to create a stronger sense of community and belonging at Georgia Southern University.
  • Understand and discuss how personal and community responsibility are underlying themes of many aspects of geek culture.
  • Learn how leadership and multicultural competency skills learn from aspects of geek culture can be applied to achieve personal, academic, and professional success.
  • Pay a $20 student activity fee each semester that helps pay for the cost of specialty programming.


What makes our theme communities so special is the ability students have to live with those who have simular interest as them – including their Resident Advisor!  Using the theme of the community, programs are planned based on student interest, special events, and more.  In order to make the most out of your experience, we highly recommend active participation in community activities.  Some of the opportunities offered in the past within Geektopia include, but are not limited to:

  • Welcome Social
  • Geektopia Goes to the Movies
  • Common Comic Book Reads & Discussions
  • TV/Movie Premiere Parties
  • Coffee & Conversations with Professional Nerds (Staff members with an interest area or general geeky side, such as Executive Director of Housing Pete Blutreich and Assistant Director of Residential Learning Erin McFerrin)
  • Gaming Tournaments
  • Drunk Goggle Mario Kart
  • Board Game Nights
  • Community Cosplay Activities
  • Student Org Fair – Geek Style
  • Attending the College of Engineering & Computing’s Teklan Nights
  • Build Your Own Superhero Night
  • Trip to Savannah Comic-Con
  • Dinner at the Chromatic Dragon
  • Year Long D&D Campaign (With Special Guest Appearances!)
  • Geektopia Student Advisory Board (SAB)


Last updated: 3/1/2019