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Rhythm Theme Community


Students in the Rhythm Theme Community are able to connect with others who are majoring in music, members of the Georgia Southern Ensembles/Marching Band, and those who are interested in music.  Participation in this community allows you to listen to, create, appreciate, and discuss music with other passionate students.

* Marching Band members who reside in this community will have their early arrival fees for band paid for by the Department of Music.



There are many programs that are planned specifically for the students of the Rhythm TC.  Below is a list of events from previous years:

  • Welcome SocialMarching Band EAGLES(1)
  • Jam Nights
  • Musical Door Decs
  • Movie Nights
  • Album Review Sessions



Location: Statesboro Campus, University Villas

Room Type: Students who choose to live in this community will be placed in a 4-Bedroom/2 Bath Flat or 4-Bedroom/2 Bath Townhouse.  Apartments that include a full size bed, full kitchen, washing machine & dryer, swimming pool, clubhouse, and building front parking.

Preferred Roommates: Students may list a preferred roommate on their housing application, but roommate must also meet the requirements of the Rhythm LLC, apply, list their preferred roommate(s), and opt into the experience before students will be roomed together.  We suggest that preferred roommates complete their application materials around the same time, as assignment to the community is on a first come, first assigned basis.



Students who are interested in joining the TC must 1) fill out their housing application and mark their interest in the community on the last page of the application, 2) fill out the Rhythm TC Supplemental Questions within the application, and 3) accept their admittance to the TC via email communication.  This communication typically starts in March and continues throughout the summer as spaces in the community are available.

Priority is given to students who apply by March 1st.

Last updated: 12/20/2017