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Innovation Living-Learning Community


Sponsored by the College of Engineering & Computing, the purpose of the Innovation LLC is to offer students majoring in Engineering, Construction Management, or Computing access to the best options for academic, personal, and social success within their first year at Georgia Southern University.  Through workshops, career development, tutoring, interactions with faculty, social events, and other activities, the Innovation LLC provides you with a variety of ways to strengthen your academic performance while learning more about your major, career, and networking in the field.

In addition to living with peers, this community has Upperclassman Peer Mentors who live in the community and host open study hours and fun programs throughout the year.  Like your Resident Advisor, these volunteers are a great resource for the residents to navigate through both classroom and extracurricular life.

Location: Statesboro Campus, Southern Pines


As a result of living in this community, students will…

  • Establish relationships with faculty, peers, staff, and advisors to create a stronger sense of community and belonging at Georgia Southern University.
  • Explore majors within the College of Engineering and Computing to determine what major/career path best suits each students’ interest and strengths.
  • Be exposed to campus, community, and professional organizations that will enable them to succeed and network in their chosen field.
  • Identify resources that will aid in a successful transition from high school to college level academics in their chosen field.


  • Students must hold and maintain a declared major in the College of Engineering and Computing.  If a students changes their major prior to spring break, they will be directed to the Housing Office to complete a room change process and move out of the community.
  • Students are pre-enrolled in required common courses by the LLC Academic Advisor.  These courses may be common courses that all first year engineering and computing students take, or an LLC-designated FYE 1220 section in the fall.
  • Students sign a participation contract that outlines required events, the minimum amount of specialty programs they should be attending throughout the year to stay a participant of the community, and behavioral guidelines for the community.
  • All students in the LLC pay a $20 student activity fee each semester that helps pay for the cost of specialty programming.


What makes our Living-Learning Communities so special is the ability students have to live with those who have similar interests/goals as them (including their Resident Advisor), build meaningful connections with faculty and staff, and participate in experiences that will enable them to reach their personal, academic, and professional goals.  In order to make the most out of your experience, we highly recommend active participation in both community requirements and specialty programs offered for residents of the community.  Some of the specialty programs that may be offered this upcoming year in the Innovation LLC include, but are not limited to:

  • Welcome Orientation, Spring Retreat, and End of Year Celebration
  • High Ropes Course Teambuilding
  • Participating as a Team in the Pallet Challenge
  • Faculty Chats with College of Engineering & Computing Faculty
  • Dinner with the Dean of the College of Engineering & Computing
  • Site Visits to local engineering, IT, and computing companies
  • Alumni & Upperclassman Dinners
  • Attending STEM Night / STEM Fair together
  • Participating in social events with the Student Advisory Board
  • Taking part in the Women’s Inner Circle support and development gatherings
  • Winning the annual Innovation BUILD Competition
  • De-stressing at Exam Break programs in the lounge
  • Floor Wars competition to see which floor can win the LLC Cup


  • Dr. John O’Malley, Assistant Professor, IT Department, College of Engineering & Computing
  • Kathy Shepherd, Advising Center Coordinator for the College of Engineering & Computing
  • Bridges Adams, Career Development Specialist for the College of Engineering & Computing
  • Erin McFerrin, Assistant Director of Residential Learning in University Housing
  • Dominick Pitts, Resident Director of Southern Pines in University Housing

Last updated: 3/1/2019